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atw Vol. 63 (2018) | Issue 2 ı February


discharges a “water curtain” across

the boundary areas separating the

redundant systems. The staff's

present position is that such systems

should feature close-spaced,

open-head sprinklers with water

discharge initiated by tripping a

deluge valve activated by crosszoned

smoke detectors.” Installation

of a “water curtain” partition

within the fire compartment

ensured that both paths were safe

for post-fire hot shutdown.

(4) Install fire separation walls. Specifications:

1. Fire resistance of

3 hours. 2. Extending from wall to

wall and from floor to ceiling.

3. Fire door with a 3-hour rating to

facilitate access by personnel.

4. Air ducts that pass through the

fire separation wall. A fire damper

with a 3-hour rating must be

installed within the section that

passes through the fire separation

wall. 5. A sleeve must be added to

all piping that penetrates the fire

separation wall. The sleeve must

be sealed using fire-resistant

material with a rating of 3 h. 6. The

cable net passing through the fire

separation wall must be filled with

fire-resistant materials with a

rating of 3 h [Generic Letters,

1986]. The post-fire hot shutdown

cable for FZ 17 runs through an

aisle; therefore, fire separation

walls are feasible only in FZ 1.

The definitions and improvement

plans associated with inventive

principle #10 are as follows:

10a: Perform all modifications in

advance. Rearrange cables (relatively

low cost.)

10b: Install items or systems in

advance to ensure that they are

ready when and where that may


FZ 1 contains mostly Series A cables

as well as 22 Series B cables. The

post-fire hot shutdown cable list

( Table 5) revealed that 11 of the

cables (number 1-11) can be re-laid

along new paths, such that only 11

cables (number 12-22) from Series B

remain within FZ 1. At this point 10b



Equipment No.


9. Symposium zur


radioaktiver Abfälle

Vorbereitung auf KONRAD –

Wege zum G2-Gebinde

18. – 19. April 2018 in


Inhalte u. a.

• KFK – Herausforderung aus Sicht eines


• Endlager Konrad – Baufortschritt und

Stand der sicherheitstechnischen


• Aspekte der Endlagerungsbedingungen

• Entsorgung von Altabfällen

• Vorgehensweisen bei der stofflichen


• Optimierte Prüfung von Antragsunterlagen

Das detaillierte Programm finden Sie in Kürze



TÜV NORD Akademie

Meike Langmann


Telefon: 040 8557-2046


1 B-EF-HV203 ON

2 B-EF-HV206 ON

3 B-EF-HV221 ON

4 B-EF-HV222 OFF

5 B-EF-HV230 OFF

| | Tab. 6.

Valve states in hot shutdown mode.

Operation and New Build

The Application of Knowledge Management and TRIZ for solving the Safe Shutdown Capability in Case of Fire Alarms in Nuclear Power Plants ı Chia-Nan Wang, Hsin-Po Chen, Ming-Hsien Hsueh and Fong-Li Chin

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