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Rob Grange

Photography Ski



Love, Passion

& Experience

in photography creates

photographs encapsulating your


Passion & Love.



Capturing real moments

to record lasting memories


For most people

planning your wedding is a real


having to choose so many

services and suppliers in a

market most people are

unfamiliar with.

I want to make it as easy for

you as I can.

My aim is to help you relax and

enjoy your day,

it makes the task of taking

photos of you so much easier.



To make your day flow seamlessly

I offer a professional and relaxed service.

This comes from nearly 20 years of photographing

weddings throughout the UK and Europe.



A brief outline of services

included in the package:

A meeting beforehand

to go through the details of the day


As long as you need my services on the day,

typically from preparations to after the first



The chance to have photographs taken

whilst skiing


Web gallery

so you and your guests can order photos

on-line at reasonable costs


A copy of the images on a memory stick


A Photo Book style wedding album






The benefits of booking with me:

If you look at my website and galleries the photos are all taken by me on you

special day it's the same, I'm the photographer that turns up and photographs

the day for you, not an employee or apprentice.

We get a chance to meet up and go through the

details of the day before the wedding, so I can

always be in the right place to capture the photo

when it happens not having to control or pose

people , giving you those naturally genuine photos.

As As a very experienced skier I'm happy to make the most of your ski wedding

and take to the pistes .giving you the opportunity to be photographed skiing

in the stunning landscape in your wedding outfits. This is of of course is included induced

in the standard price.

Sometimes, even with the best planning, wedding days don't always run to

schedule, so with my flexibility if the timings over run you have the peace of

mind that there will be no extra charge and all aspects of the day will be

covered. You have me for as long as you need me on the day.

You get my undivided attention.




Have you been to a wedding where the photographer seemed to take forever to

take the formal photos, and then whisked the couple away for hours whilst as a

guest you were stood there with nothing to do? I'm very aware as a couple you

are spending a lot of time and money inviting those people closest to you to spend

the day with you, so I feel it's important that they get to do just that.


In order to make this happen I keep the formal photos to a minimum in terms of

time, and then we often take the chance later in the day to do bride and groom

photos, freeing up that time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast

for you to spend with your guests.



When most people look at wedding photos

they look on composition and artistic merit.

When the photos are of you, it's much more about evoking memories.

I feel it's very important to make sure you're comfortable and not

stood there for hours posing. Even if you have

the most beautiful photo in the world of the two of you,

if you look at it and think:

"that's when we stood there for hours and got frozen"

it has failed as a photo, and I have failed as your photographer.



To ensure nothing is ever left to chance,

you will often see me at the quieter moments in the day

backing up the photos and checking that every detail is right.

It's peace of mind and the least you should expect of a true




I normally stay until after the first dance,

as it's the last of the formal parts of the day.

I will also capture the essence of the evening do and if you have

fireworks or other special evening events and you want me to stay

later, then that's no problem. Only after checking you have all the

photos you wished for will I leave.


Most couples are keen to see the photos as soon as possible. I normally

process them within the week, and I put them up on my website so you

and your guests can view or buy them. I keep pricing simple and sensible,

for example: £1 for a 7.5 x 5 inch print and £2 for a 8 x 12 inch print. Other

sizes, frames and canvas prints are also available from the on-line gallery.

Included in the package is a copy of the images on a USB stick for you to

keep. I normally send this out a week or so later and it includes all the

images that appear on the website. They are not watermarked and you

get full 'personal use' of the images. I also understand that albums are

incredibly personal, so if you want a different design or style I'm more

than happy to help.


After the wedding day is done and you're back from honeymoon, we

can sort the final part of the package. The wedding album, included in

the package is a 40 page photo book style album. You get to select the

images that are included. Electronic proofs will go back and forth and

only once you're totally happy will it go to print



A quick note on insurance. Most of us wouldn't dream of

booking any part of the day without ensuring that our

providers are suitably insured, it just makes sense.

With me you are covered; should anything happen to me

or my equipment, I have cover in place to resolve the


All the details are on the website.



The next stage is to confirm your booking with

Ski 2, I can then tentatively hold the date for you

until I receive the deposit.

Once that's done you can relax knowing it's all in

safe hands.


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Vimeo page.

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A ‘Day in the Landscape’ & 'Trash the Dress'

It can be hard cramming everything in to your wedding day, so

when it comes to having a few moments by yourselves and

capturing some stunning images in the landscape, time on the

day and distance can mean it ends up being a compromise. For

those of you whom compromise is not an option I offer a 'Day in

the Landscape'. heading out to capture the images on a day of

your choice We can make this an opportunity to get to the perfect

location, time and weather and all without the stress of

squeezing it into the wedding day.

For the more courageous I can do a 'Trash the Dress’ day,

capturing images of getting it muddy or wet giving you the

chance to create photographs that would have been impossible

on your wedding day.

Engagement and pre-wedding photo shoots.


Engagement photos are becoming very popular, if you want to

catch the moment when the question gets 'popped' I'm happy to

help. Capturing the moment of ‘Yes' discreetly, I can then come

and create some romantic images before leaving you both to the

whirlwind that ensues.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are even simpler, we can arrange a

time and a date at a location of your choice and capture romantic

pictures ideal for save the date invites and photo frames as an

alternative to the classic guest-book.



Full day all inclusive package:

including meeting, web page, USB and album £1250

Video Moments:

including Vimeo page and USB stick £750

Engagement or Pre-Wedding shoot :

Including downloadable images £175

Day in the Landscape or Trash the Dress

including USB of the images £275





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