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by diane feen | photo by melissa korman

A Head And Heart For Delray

If the name Connor

Lynch sounds familiar,

there’s a good reason.

His essence is spread around Delray Beach like an ethereal

mist. He has been involved in local politics, volunteer projects

and is COO of his family’s insurance agency – Plastridge


But there’s a lot more to this towering gentle giant than what

meets the eye (if you happen to be 6-foot-five). He not only has a

mind for business – he handles personnel, IT, marketing, daily operations,

sales, finance and more – but a heart that embraces all.

Lynch got a start on life, politics and survival early on. His father

Tom was Mayor of Delray Beach from 1990 to 1996 and young

Connor sat in many a commission meeting contemplating the outcomes.

He also survived an accident on his family’s farm that left

him in the hospital for two months and resulted in eight surgeries.

“My accident taught me an appreciation for life and a deep respect

for medicine and doctors.”

That brush with death started Lynch on a medical journey that

almost led to him to become a doctor. He volunteered with the Explorer

Program at Fire Rescue Delray and was a volunteer for six

years at Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach. In his four

years of high school Lynch clocked 3000 hours of volunteer activity.

If volunteering was all Lynch did it would be impressive. But it

was merely a warm-up for a life well lived. To define that elusive

catch phrase (usually reserved for older folks) Lynch sees it this

way. “I hope to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. I also

hope that the people in my life will say, ‘he contributed to me thinking,

being or living in a positive way.’”

So wise, so young and so accurate. “Connor is thoughtful and

compassionate and creates an environment around him for people

to be vulnerable and share. He will do whatever he can to make

them successful. I am a hardwired tech guy and after leaving his

house I left on Cloud Nine. There are very few people like him in the

world,” said Brian Niles of Rooster.

There are even fewer people like Lynch who are only 37-yearsold.

But like the sages, Lynch is an old soul. How else to explain his

constant movement forward in personal growth, community involvement

and business acumen?

He is currently a Board Member of American Association of

Adaptive Sports Programs (developing competitive sports programs

for people with disabilities), FAU Tech Runway Advisory

Board Member and Board Member of Extreme Teen Leaders (nonprofit

for teen self- awareness and growth). Lynch is also Chair of

the Entrepreneurial Committee for Business Development Board of

Palm Beach County.

His past affiliations are also impressive – Delray Beach Chamber

of Commerce (Vice Chair Government Affairs, Vice Chair Economic

Development, Director of the year 2013, and Board Member), Delray

Planning and Zoning Board, Dare 2 Be Great Foundation, Creative

City Collaborative/Arts Garage, Six Pillars Palm Beach County

Innovation, Economic Development and more.

It’s obvious to those who know him that Lynch takes an active

role in his community aside from working at a voracious pace. This

does not surprise his mentor – and friend – Lula Butler.

“I have known Connor since he was a young boy, he and my

daughter Elizabeth attended Trinity Lutheran School. When his

father was Mayor, he would bring Connor to Commission meetings

(he would sit with me) always commenting on the discussions. As

he got older, he and Elizabeth sat in the back of the commission

chamber, following every discussion and commenting on issues.

Connor cares about our City, he thrives on giving back to his community

and applies his business sense. He is a strong advocate

for education, a kind, caring and humble man and has a teachable

spirit. I look forward to seeing where he ends up in the future, it

will be major. I am blessed to have him in my life.”

The insurance company that his Grandfather Paul built 99 years

ago still flourishes. They have 100 employees in four locations. Connor’s

brother Brendan is the CFO and his father Tom is President/

CEO. The board room is stately and commanding, setting the stage

for honesty and integrity. That seems to jive with the family lineage.

“My family has a very strong work ethic. We are all goal oriented.

I’ve worked since I was 13.”

Though work may take up a lot of his time, Connor seems to float

above the work-leisure model. He takes courses that enhance selfimprovement

(Gratitude Training is one), devotes time and energy

to helping other organizations grow, and thrives on making a positive

difference in his business and the community.

Others see this in neon lights. “Connor is an amazing guy. He is always

growing, learning and trying to make the world a better place.

He is an amazing father, a great human being and is full of love and

compassion,” said Dr. Craig Spodak.

Lynch’s days are often filled with board and client meetings,

networking luncheons, internal meetings and other duties but

he never loses sight of what’s most important to human existence.

“I love volunteering and seeing the immediate impact giving

has on the community. Because of technology we have less

face-to-face communication. I’m always looking for new ways to

connect with people. Connection will always be at the core of

every relationship.”

One of the most significant relationships that Lynch has is on

the home front. There he is not the COO, but a loving father and

husband. His wife, Ryan (who Butler raves about) is a Delray native

(whose father Richard was with Delray Fire Rescue). He has

three children – Carole (who is nine) and twin boys Parker and

Charlie (seven).

To Lynch the book is never written and the future is filled with

glorious uncertainties. But given his propensity toward the light –

and love of others – it’s surely going to be spectacular.

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