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The Beauty Realm

By Diane Feen | Photos by melissa korman

Most people who go to Venetian Nail Spa see it as a beauty

emporium for their nails, but to some it’s a lot more.

Nail Spa gives the best manicures, pedicures

and psychiatry,” said Flora Doone, of the Loft at Congress.

Because Doone is the owner of a popular party


destination she always wants to look her best. That’s why she goes

to Venetian Nail Spa twice a month to get pampered and primed to


“This is my time to relax, talk and be with friends like Ray and

Vivian – they are my people and I’m loyal to them. This is such an

inclusive place, you never feel left out of the conversation.”

Doone is right. Most of the guests who come to Venetian Nail Spa

feel the same way. Take Dayna Weinert for example. The Radiologist

and teacher at FAU Medical School comes to Venetian Nail Spa

Delray because, as she puts it, ‘they do a fabulous job.’ As her feet

floated in the pedicure bowl you could see the blissful calm in her

aura. “This is my second pedicure and I love it, it’s not only relaxing

but it’s mesmerizing.”

For Weinert her time at Venetian is her “me” time. She loves the

place that Vivian Nguyen built (with partner Joey Nguyen) and she

enjoys the consistency and the quality of treatments.

Rayan A Santos & Joey Nguyen

Meet our Wonderful Venetian Nails Team!

Venetian Nail Spa Delray is a quality place. They offer Manicures,

Nail Extensions, NexGenNails, Pedicures, Hot Stone Spa Pedicures,

milk and honey foot massages, deluxe manicures with exfoliating

hand massages, UV liquid gel manicures and waxing. The Gel Polish

keeps its luster and color longer than a regular manicure and

doesn’t chip. There’s no drying time and it glows in its nature hue.

Doone’s daughter Mallory, a singer, comes to Venetian Nail Spa

like her mother, but prefers different patterned and sculpted nail

finishes. For the holidays Mallory had 3-D snowmen put on her

nails. “Mallory always has fun with her manicures and pedicures

and gets all kinds of unique designs on her nails. I usually wear

black polish on my nails. But Ray got me to wear colors I never

wore before like pink and blue. I always go back to black, it makes

me feel happy.”

It’s easy to feel happy at Venetian Nail Spa. There are ethereal

blue cloud formations on the ceiling, soft white drapes, crystal

chandeliers and a calming waterfall makes every visit feel like nirvana.

Part of the Venetian Nail Spa success is their excellent customer

service and impeccable cleanliness. “We are very profession-

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