ton dresses with colorful embroidered bodices, wide lace trimmed

sleeves, empire waistlines and tucking trim.

It’s hard to walk into this store without falling in love with this

material matter. It’s designer-inspired, colorful, comfortable, chic

and makes a powerful fashion statement. If you are enchanted by

accessories they have stretch beaded belts with wooden clasps and

dangling ornaments, colorful printed, embroidered handbags with

beads and seaside motifs, artistic printed scarves (that often match

clothing) necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Each piece speaks its own fashion language that needs no

translation. One thing is obvious – the clothing and accessories

are 100 percent Italian in nature and nurture. When designer

Cinque was growing up he was enamored by the beauty and simplicity

of Italian fashionistas. He saw the booming tourist town

filled with guests searching for clothing to wear in this romantic

sun-drenched locale. As a young designer from the Amalfi Coast,

Cinque studied the masters and worked for some of the big names

in the European fashion scene.

But as he opened his heart to color and design he realized that

the most important rule in fashion is that there are no rules. He

could take patterns, colors, beads and ornaments of the sea and

juxtapose them harmoniously together. He could take vibrant

colors and patterns and mesh them as one. Like a good chef he

takes every ingredient available (beads, embroidery, tassels, lace,

rouching, tucking and romance) and makes artistic apparel to

wear, not just to admire.

There is one thing that stands true though. If you see something

you like (or can’t live without) you should buy it right away. “All

of our clothing and accessories are one-of-a-kind and when they

sell out we can’t get more. We are constantly getting in new things,

which is good because you won’t see them anywhere else,” said

Schaefer, a native of Pennsylvania who now resides in Florida.

She’s right. Behind Schaefer is the most beautiful denim jacket

with intricate white lace embroidery. When asked why the jacket

is hanging on a hook inconspicuously behind her she quickly retorts,

“When I wear this everyone wants to buy it, but we don’t

have them anymore.”

But she does have other denim jackets in all colors with designer-inspired

beading and embroidery reminiscent of the hippie havens

of Woodstock and its rock and roll heritage. Some of the beads

are pearlized, others glow with hues of heaven and earth, or are

colorized to match or contrast with fabrics and lace.

If there was a way to describe this material heaven (and haven)

of earthly refinement, it would be a Happy Place where you can embrace

your inner Italian amore. You will be charmed and enchanted

by one-of-a-kind clothing that is hand sewn and creatively inspired

by its creative genius, Giacome Cinque.


512 E Atlantic Ave

Delray Beach, FL



www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com | FEBRuary 2018 | 95

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