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2018 Replacement Parts Catalog

108 | Applicators H-20

108 | Applicators H-20 Applicators H-20 Applicators (Single Module) Components Applicator Heater Cordset Module Description Part Number Cartridge Part Number Part Number 274702 H-20-T 938053 223801 153011 276778 H-20-T-W 938053 223804 153011 120664 H-20-T-LBS 938053 276957 272549 274728 H-20-T w/micro-adjust needle 938053 223801 272267 815138 H20-1 TF/D, 2300 938159 274685 153011 Designations: T = RTD Sensors LBS = Large Ball and Seat (high flow) W = Water Resistant F = Filter F/D = Dual Filter To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

Applicators | 109 AG-900+S Dispensing Module Description Modular AG900+S dispensing modules accurately dispense high-performance adhesives and sealants with viscosities up to one million cps. The patented AG900+S is compatible with most automated dispensing equipment and provides configuration flexibility for various gasketing, sealing, and bonding applications. • Configurable design accurately dispenses solid and foamed high-performance materials, including silicones, plastisols, urethanes, epoxies, butyls, and hot melts. • Standard or custom nozzle-and-needle designs meet specific deposition requirements. • Zero-cavity nozzle-and-needle assembly provides positive shut-off to help eliminate clogs and dripping. • Standard actuation provides air to open, spring to close. Optional air assist to close is available for high pressure applications. • Optional pressure regulator reduces pressure fluctuations during applicator opening, maintaining consistent output. • Hose interface options reduce stress on hoses and robots. • Compact size and weight accommodate most operations. • Dowel-pin construction facilitates remounting accuracy after service. Module Part Numbers Part Number Description 1088351 Applicator module, AG900+S (module only) 1065451 Applicator body, adapter, steel, AG900+S (replacement part only) 1086828 Replacement, cartridge and piston assembly, AG900+S Solenoid Part Numbers Part Number Description 1069250 Saturn solenoid, AOAC, 24 VDC, 1/8 NPT, QD plug, w/light 1069257 Saturn solenoid, AOAC, 120 VDC, 1/8 NPT, QD plug 1073542 Kit, AG900+S, fittings for small Saturn solenoid To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

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