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2018 Replacement Parts Catalog

56 | Melters DuraBlue®

56 | Melters DuraBlue® Large Capacity Adhesive Melters Models D25, D25H, D50, D100 DuraBlue Large Capacity Adhesive Melter Part Numbers Description 200–240V Delta, 3∅, 50/60 Hz 380–415V Wye, 3∅, 50/60 Hz 200V Delta, 3∅, 50/60 Hz1 400V Delta, 3∅, 50/60 Hz1 480V Delta, 3∅, 50/60 Hz1 6 Hose/Applicator, 8.5 MPa, 85 bar (1200 psi),

Melters | 57 Replacement Parts and Kits Control Panels (Electrical front panel assembly with keypad and CPU) Description Service kit, front panel with standard HMI, D25/DK25/D25H/DK25H/D50/DK50/D100/ DK100 Printed Circuit Assemblies Part Number 394734 Description Part Number Service kit, CPU 1028325 Service kit, main controller board 1078624 Service kit, expansion board 1031201 Service kit, PCA power module, 4-channel 1087152 Service kit, fuses, main controller board, complete set 1031203 Temperature Control Kits Description Part Number Service kit, thermostat, 260 _C (500 _F) 1028321 Service kit, RTD sensor, grid/reservoir 394597 Motor Kits Description Part Number Motor, 0.37 kw 207399 Motor controller, Lenze (61-N1) 729665 Motor controller, I/O (61-N5) 783277 Coupling Kits Description Coupling, 11.9 cc/rev, gerotor pump (D25/ DK25/D25H/DK25H/D50/DK50) Coupling, 17.10 cc/rev, SN1710 gear pump (D100/DK100) Part Number 394135 203908 Filter Kits Description Part Number Filter cartridge, MW 0.1 VB/DB reinf,compl 1120135 Filter cartridge, MW 0.1 VB/DB, complete 1120136 Filter cartridge, MW 0.2 VB/DB reinf,compl 1120137 Filter cartridge, MW 0.2 VB/DB, compl HT 1120144 Filter cartridge, MW 0.4 VB/DB, compl 1120145 Filter cartridge, MW 0.6 VB/DB, compl 1120146 Filter cartridge, MW 0.8 VB/DB, compl 1120148 Filter cartridge, MW 0.8 VB/DB, compl, HT 1120149 Pump Kits Description Pump assembly, 11.9 cc/rev gerotor, GER19 (D25/DK25/D25H/DK25H/D50/ DK50) Service kit, pump, O-rings, 11.9 cc/rev gerotor pump (D25/DK25/D25H/DK25H/ D50/DK50) Service kit, shaft and seal, 11.9 cc/rev gerotor pump (D25/DK25/D25H/DK25H/ D50/DK50) Gear pump, 17.10 cc/rev, SN1710 (PR100m3) (D100, DK100) Service kit, pump, O-rings, SN1710 gear pump (D100, DK100) Service kit, shaft and seal, SN1710 gear pump (D100, DK100) Bypass Plate Kits Part Number 7131900 394767 394768 7116829 394596 7109966 Description Part Number Safety valve 207932 Service kit, safety valve O-rings 394592 Bypass plate with tank isolation valve 394125 Service kit, bypass plate 394594 Service kit, tank isolation valve O-ring 394598 Manifold Kits Description Part Number Manifold, 1 x 6, NW13, complete 203621 Manifold, 2 x 3, NW13, complete, 2 pumps 203619 PCV Kits Description Part Number Pressure control valve, 90 bar, adjustable 203059 Service kit, pressure control valve O-rings 394600 To place your order, NAD call 1-888-NORDSON (1-888-667-3766), fax 1-770-497-3733, or online at International orders, call 1-440-985-4797, fax 1-440-985-1096, or email

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