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Airborne Surveillance Market

Airborne Surveillance

Airborne Surveillance Market, Product Type, Application and Region - Global Industry Insights, Trends, 2017 – 2025 Airborne surveillance system aims to provide early airborne unusual activities warning. It consists of antenna, airborne data processor, and integrated navigation system, which are featured to provide high accuracy navigation system. These are responsible for tracking and scanning of required target. They receive signal from transmitting radar, analyze the signal and transmit the signal to the receiving radar and provide navigation of the target. Major driving factor for the growth of global airborne surveillance market is increasing adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in commercial sector, which has applications in agriculture, government agencies, and other major industries. For instance, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), around 7 million drones are expected to ship to the U.S. by 2020, which includes sales of around 2.7 million commercial drone by 2020 from 600 thousands in 2016. These drones are available at affordable price and thus creating an opportunity to actively utilize these drones in commercial application. Increasing concern regarding safety and security along with digitization and advanced technologies used in mapping software and high resolution satellite imagery are prominent factors expected to accelerate the growth opportunity of the commercial drones market, which are expected to consequently fuel global airborne surveillance market growth. Drones are experiencing active adoption by agriculture sector. LiDAR, geographic information system (GIS) and high resolution satellite imagery system are highly being used in agriculture sector for crop health monitoring, production of crop measurement, and checking soil condition. Trimble Navigation Ltd. has a strong hold in the agriculture drones market. This company provides Trimble UX5 HP high-precision mapping solution in the agriculture drone market. However high cost of LiDAR is one of the key factor restraining growth of the global airborne surveillance market during the forecast period.

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