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Care Staff COSHHH

Care Staff COSHHH Awareness - ihasco Food Hygiene - ihasco PRICE TRAINING Managing, Administering, Recording and Disposing of Medication For new Care Managers - Medication Competent Assessor Training *Care Certificate - If working with young adults Maintenance Team COSHHH Awareness - ihasco Ladder Safety - ihasco PRICE TRAINING level 1 Legionella Awareness - ihasco Risk Assessment Writing - internal training Working at Heights - ihasco Asbestos Awareness - ihasco Oil/Gas Tank Management * Only on certain sites Swimming Pool Maintenance* Only on certain sites High Rope Maintenance *Only on certain sites Empowering Uniqueness

Specific Training Related to the needs of the children and young people Throughout your 6 month induction programme, your training will be specific to the needs of children and young people at St Christopher’s. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we meet individual needs at all times. To ensure we meet individual needs the following will be covered: Autism Understanding complex needs in relation to young people with autism Overview of the barriers to learning and how to support effectively How to support sensory and communication difficulties How to support building positive relationships The importance of understanding the individual and their particular strengths and requirements Further information can be found via the following link: Communication Working towards achieving Makaton 1-8 Working towards achieving Visual Communication 1-4 Empowering Uniqueness

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