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Induction v1


Manager/Employee Responsibilities LINE MANAGER/INDUCTING MANAGERS will: 1. Ensure that you have a thorough induction programme 2. Will ensure that the induction is accurately recorded and signed off where necessary 3. Ensure that you have the opportunity to read and understand the policies which impact on your role 4. Ensure that you are provided with the appropriate support or training to carry out your duties effectively 5. Ensure that appropriate time is allocated for your induction programme 6. Ensure that regular, planned 1:1 meetings are held to review your progress, give feedback on performance and support you with any aspects of the role you may need. EMPLOYEE: Please ensure you: 1. Work through this booklet with your Line Manager and ensure that your induction is accurately recorded and signed where necessary 2. Read and understand the policies relevant to your work area and role 3. Undertake any identified learning and development required for your role as agreed with your Line Manager in the agreed time frame 4. Attend and actively contribute to your regular 1:1 meetings 5. Raise any apprehensions or concerns that you have. Empowering Uniqueness

If your Induction Manager is not the same person as your Line Manager, you should meet them during the first day. They will tell you about the team your will be working with and introduce you to your colleagues. Day 1: You'll be given an introduction to Aurora so you know more about the company and where you fit You will be given a tour of the site We'll take you through what to do in the event of a fire alarm and show you where to congregate Your photo will be taken and you'll be provided with an identify card (to be worn at all times during work hours) You will be given your email and log in details If applicable, you will be given your computer and phone You will be given your own copy of the Aurora Employee Handbook and we will ask you to complete a form to say you have read it as it contains important information regarding your employment We will introduce you to key polices and procedures and show you how to find them. During the first week your manager will arrange opportunities for you to complete your training and time to read the accompanying policies. A schedule will be given to you. Empowering Uniqueness

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