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KICC BASILDON BLESSINGS FOLLOW OBEDIENCE Iattended the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Camp for three weeks. Whilst there I took part in a Business Plan competition, sponsored by Diamond Bank. I had two days to come up with a business idea and present my business proposal/plan in front of thousands of people and potential investors. I was in a team of three and we won the competition. TESTIMONIES The prize was electric bikes, a two million Naira investment capital towards the business and 10,000 Naira for NYSC. This competition was something I really wanted to win, I prayed about it and God did it. I knew God wanted me to relocate to Nigeria to do big things and I do not regret obeying. Yemisi Awoyemi KICC MEDICARE SAVES LIVES Christian Asuenimen is a 32 year old active male from Edo State. He led a healthy lifestyle and regularly jogged. One day he suddenly felt a cramp in his chest. He spoke to a church sister who advised him to seek a medical diagnosis. Christian attended several different hospitals before receiving the diagnosis: A hole in an artery was causing blood to flow incorrectly. It would cost N3,000,000 to fix. Christian couldn’t even begin to fathom saving the money for this. Almost one year passed before Christian received a call from his doctor to say that a church (KICC Maryland) was willing to pay for his surgery through its community healthcare programme, KICC Care: The Medicare - Save a Heart initiative. Christian received his cheque in the presence of the hospital management staff. Christian said “I am dreaming”. He had only seen KICC on the television, he did not know anyone who worshipped at KICC and he had never attended a service there. Following successful surgery, Christian came to the Watchnight 2017 service to personally thank Pastor Femi Faseru and the entire KICC family. He pleaded for members to not stop giving, as many other people are in need of this kind of miracle. He prayed for God to bless everyone. To the glory of God, Christian resumed work earlier this month. MUSTARD SEED FAITH I was diagnosed with stage 2, which soon developed to stage 3 colon cancer. I was told I needed chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatment for a permanent solution. I visited some hospitals, trying to get other opinions but the diagnosis remained the same. This has been a trying year for me financially, and as a businessman I couldn’t imagine how I would raise the N5 -8,000000 estimate given to me by three hospitals in Nigeria. I couldn’t even think of YEMISI AT THE DIAMOND BANK EVENT travelling abroad for treatment – this is what I really preferred. I believed that this was not going to be my end and that whilst this happened, God would take it away for His glory. To the glory of God, help came from unexpected places, and three months down the line I can say I am healed! I am healed of an ailment that has taken billionaires away, even while they underwent treatment from the best hospitals abroad. God did this with the mustard seed available to me financially. Praise the Lord! D.A KICC MARYLAND DIVINE HEALING Praise God. Last year I experienced bleeding and weight loss. I went to a Hospital and was diagnosed with fibroids. I was placed on a course of drugs for several months but the bleeding did not stop. I was advised to go for surgery. I called my Pastor to pray for me, which he did and he encouraged me to have the surgery. I went for the surgery and it was successful. However, four days later, I began passing water involuntarily. The Doctors assured me this would stop. I had to start wearing incontinence briefs and I was in a lot of pain. I began bleeding again. One day I passed out and I was rushed to hospital. Different scans were carried out and it was discovered that the Surgeon who had operated on me had actually tampered with my bladder. I was also told that the mistake affected my kidney. I cried but I was encouraged by my Pastor and the Church to go for the second operation. It was not easy for me to undergo two major surgeries in one month. My Pastor and the Church stood by me in prayers at every stage. The second surgery was done and every error was corrected. God did it for me. The devil was put to shame. Today I am healed in Jesus' name. Praise God. Sis. Dollar. KICC GRA PORT HARCOURT 43

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