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All Stars Cricket 2017

All Stars Cricket 2017 saw the introduction of the ECB’s All Stars Cricket (ASC) programme. Despite very short time scales to implement the plans, 50 Hampshire clubs took up the challenge! It proved a hugely successful way to recruit children that would not have otherwise attended traditional club cricket sessions. As ever, the unrivalled success of the programme was due to an army of dedicated club volunteers, new and old! The national feedback from parents and participants underlines exactly how well clubs did in providing the best possible first experience of cricket for 5 to 8 year olds: • 50 centres (nearly 75% of clubs in Hampshire with a junior section got involved!) • 1300 participants recruited in Hampshire • 96 Activators recruited and trained in Hampshire • 71% of kids and parents were new to cricket • 85% intend to return in 2018 • 95% of clubs saw increased number of kids participating • 41% saw siblings joining other age group teams • Opportunity – only 18% girls and 5% BAME 10

OUTCOME: Retaining players and increasing transition into adult cricket NatWest U19 T20 Research conducted by the ECB, backed up what clubs highlighted in our consultation in 2013 – an alarming national trend of young players dropping out of the game after under 15s. Specific insight gained from 1000 young players (current and lapsed) also emphasised that: • 16–19 year olds want to play with their friends • They want short formats, with coloured kit and lively atmosphere where their friends can watch • They are keen to develop their own skills by taking more responsibility (volunteering) The purpose of the NatWest U19 T20 competition was to address these issues and to inspire those players that have not made the transition into adult cricket to keep playing with their friends. The competition is unique - fast paced, coloured clothing, music, social and encourages players to get involved with the management and coordination of fixtures. The competition has proved to be very popular in Hampshire, with 20 teams entering in 2015, followed by 30 in 2016, the third highest number of entries in the country! Despite a slight drop in 2017. U19 T20 is a fantastic way of reducing the decline in participation at this age group and retaining players for longer. Moving forward we aim to support more clubs to get involved in this vibrant competition and help them keep their players engaged for longer. 11

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