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GOVERNANCE Engaging the

GOVERNANCE Engaging the Hampshire cricket network What we set out to achieve: • An effective County Cricket network with relationships with a wide range of stakeholders • All organisations will have a management structure in place to influence, lead and inspire • Organisations that understand the needs of their members and have a desire to improve • Increase revenue through more commercial activities, sponsorship and fund saving Achieving our outcomes? OUTCOME: An effective county cricket network with relationships with a wide range of stakeholders The successful delivery of the 2013 – 2017 Strategy was dependent on the development and close working relationship of the Hampshire cricket network. The Hampshire cricket network introduced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a framework which aimed to support the delivery of common outcomes. The purpose of the MOU was to: • Provide an integrated offer to players, followers and spectators of cricket across Hampshire • Grow the number of players, followers and spectators • Make efficient use of collective resource • Improve communication • Make a positive contribution to our communities The main benefit of the MOU has been the improvement in communication between the stakeholders, which has led to greater collaboration. 20

Over the period HCB has made a conscious effort to engage with affiliated clubs and in particular players, to ensure the game continues to meet their needs and becomes more appealing to a wider audience. 2013 Our Game Club Consultation 2016 Hampshire Cricket Unleashed Roadshows 2017 #MyHantsGameDay survey Purpose: Engage with affiliated clubs to understand their challenges and priorities to address within the 13 -17 strategy Purpose: Raise the profile of the ECBs new 5 year strategy - Cricket Unleashed. As well as providing an opportunity for players and club officials to once again identify the priorities to address The main priority highlighted was the decline in men’s league cricket. Purpose: The survey established the potential format changes that were required to help address the decline in Hampshire: - Start times - No. of overs - League structure (10 team divisions) ECB National Cricket Playing Surveys & Get the Game On 21

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