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What’s Next Much has

What’s Next Much has been achieved by the network over the four year period, in particular developments in the women and girls game, disability and All Stars Cricket, but as ever there is still much more to be done! ECB are currently working up proposals regarding the new funding arrangements for county cricket boards (County Partnership Agreements) for the next strategic period. The 5 year period includes the biggest season of international cricket ever in England and Wales in 2019, as well as the introduction of the new T20 competition in 2020! ECB have issued their plans to capitalise on these events and moving forward HCB will be required to formulate our plan, clearly demonstrating how the desired ECB outcomes will be achieved locally. As in the last strategic period, engaging and consulting the Hampshire cricket network as widely as possible will be an integral part of the process. ECB Vision: Mission: The Plan: Cricket to be the number 1 challenger sport to football across England and Wales. Inspire a generation of young people to forge a lifelong love of the game. Target three core channels for delivery of outstanding experiences Schools Win the “Battle of the Playground” through taking the game to them, both in the classroom and on the playground Clubs Develop welcoming, inclusive, family friendly environments in our clubs Urban Areas Create opportunities for young people to play in Urban Areas Create outstanding experiences by influencing: Formats/facilities/coaching 26

Board of Directors John Wolfe Chairman Stuart Robertson Hampshire Cricket Ltd Director Geoff Rhodes Finance Director Colin Savage Company Secretary Jeff Levick MBE Ben Thompson Cricket Development Director Development Team Andy Sharp, Board Administrator E: T: 07920 452528 John Cook, Cricket Development Manager Youth Participation E: T: 07766 838779 Emily Munro, Schools Engagement Manager E: T: 07768 552627 Emma Cowdril, Women and Girls Activator E: T: 07388 947862 Jenni Douglas Todd Tony Oxley Simon Jones, Cricket Develoment Manager Clubs and Leagues E: T: 07920 452537 Rob Pfeiffer, Cricket Development Manager Youth Participation E: T: 07384 255841 Mike Pollard, Cricket Development Manager Growth (including women and girls and Disability) E: T: 07920 452527 Chris Wheeler, Community Coach E: T: 07869 122447 Simon Hammond, Community Coach E: T: 07711 629446 27

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