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What we set out to

What we set out to achieve Following consultation with our members and stakeholders, the HCB four year strategy, 2013 - 2017 clearly set out our vision and mission together with four strategic outcomes to be achieved over the period. Hampshire Cricket Board has four Strategic Outcomes: Vision: A sport which inspires people of all ages, providing enjoyment for players, volunteers, followers and spectators. Mission: Grow and improve the game, to provide a cricketing future for all. 04

PLAYING WORKFORCE FACILITIES GOVERNANCE INSPIRE more people to play cricket, more frequently. Develop a thriving professional and voluntary workforce, which has the skills, knowledge and experience to DRIVE the growth of the game. Provide high quality places to play cricket which SUPPORT the growth of the game. Cultivate a county cricket network, which will SUSTAIN the growth of the game. 05

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