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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

says the photographers

says the photographers were on his side, the writers not so much. He points at a story in The Badger Herald, one of the student papers, with quotes from his former students in support of him, and asks if that can get into the book, into the record, that his students liked him, thought he was a good guy, a good teacher, that he was not a propagandist. He was a good teacher. I look over at Kevin. He’s rugged, kind of beaten-down, though he is a big man. Since getting blacklisted from teaching, he’s been struggling to make ends meet. There are deep roots in southern Wisconsin. Kevin’s grandfather Hunk was principal of East High School in Madison on the working classside of town, and his grandmother Bee was a friend, advocate, and defender of Frank Lloyd Wright, who was not yet totally appreciated in the area for his lifestyle and belief that every American deserved a decent house and decent living, “believing in designing structures which were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called ‘organic architecture’.” On Friday night after the Outback, after visiting Sarah and Scott, Jim and I return to his basement and walk around, looking at an array of photos to see what might be included in the 10/Penn Magazine/November 2017 book. There will be too many. There is a baby album, where Jim’s mother has taken great care to record the big events, a lock of hair, how big, how long, when, where. There is an Altadena kindergarten report card narrative.“Plays well with group.”“He learned quickly where his cot and locker were located.”“Very happy with his environment most of the time.”“Jimmy only cries when there is sufficient hurt or when another child is over-aggressive with him.”Class photos. First grade, second grade.“Can you believe,” says Jim.Third grade. Teacher Ethel Stone. 1949.“Jim is gaining in confidence. He seems to be quite a sensitive child and could be very easily misunderstood.”“He should move away from the jungle gym and join the boys in the various games that they play.”Family vacations, Yosemite, being commissioned as a second lieutenant at Princeton. There, there’s the move to South Pasadena from La Habra, after ...And the photos of the six-week bicycle tour of Europe at age 15 after graduating from junior high.And the trip to Mexico between junior and senior year ...And Japan between graduating high school and going to college ...Jim will probably come back down here later, after I leave, and lean over these boxes, remembering, as we all do, eventually. There is a portrait on the wall of Jim as a young professor, done by an artist at Kentucky. There are photos with Jesse Ventura and Vince Bugliosi, Dennis Kucinich, a talented drawing done by Chauncey Holt, an original painting, etc., etc. We look through military photos, old journals, an autobiography Jim wrote in the ninth grade. We talk about the photos.I ask questions.Jim has the answers.Chauncey Holt was one of the three tramps. Woody Harrelson’s dad was also one. “Woody knows that.” The tramps were being set up to be the patsies if Lee Oswald didn’t pan out. The shooting was set for the speech at the Trade Mart if Dealey Plaza didn’t work, and then later at LBJ’s ranch that night if need be. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Jim says when I ask something.His voice goes high when he’s excited or amused. He laughs hardest when the joke is on himself. And then we sit down for an hour interview until midnight, to wrap-up, put a bow around it, to the night, to Jim’s interview portion of the book. On that Saturday morning I am having my coffee and looking over Jim’s photos. Jim is on his computer on the opposite end of the table. He gets a phone call ... [Continued ...]

“ ... journalists and academics are expected to either fall silent or perform the rearguard action of deflecting criticism from the state. James Tracy Tracy Barred From Teaching After Talking about Sandy Hook In January 2016 James Tracy was dismissed from his position as Florida Atlantic University communications professor. The school gave as its reasoning for the action that Tracy had failed to submit paperwork about outside employment or “professional activity.” Tracy had gained national attention for questioning the official account of events that occurred at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. Tracy has since filed a lawsuit challenging the actions of the school. What Supporters Are Saying ... “Your actions are heroic! Thank you for your service. When enough of us follow your lead ... we will win our country back.” — Kenneth “Thank you so much for all you have done for Americans & for the world. Best of luck with your defense as your best defense is truth.” — Tom “Been following your work & news lately. I’ve been ill & still untenured. I support you albeit not publicly. Not that I don’t want to, just that I’m vulnerable. You are a Good Man & you have a Great & Inquisitive Mind. God bless you & your family. I will support your legal fund anonymous & I truly wish you all the very best James.” — Anon. “Go get ‘em my friend. Best o’ luck to you & your family. Godspeed.” — Stephen “Thank you for your courage and integrity. Outstanding. Glad you are out of mainstream academia. FAU were lucky to have you at all. I trust there is some consolation in knowing you are now at total liberty to say and do as you darned well please (even though you did a super job while you were there). Know that you have switched thousands or even millions of people onto seriously examining events like Sandy Hook.” — Neil “Good luck & best wishes to you. If anyone can beat them you will.” — Richard Hi Mike, Hi Mike, Thanks for thinking of of me. me. I haven’t really written anything about the case as I haven’t it’s really written anything about ongoing. the case as We it’s are ongoing. anticipating We are anticipating summary rulings judgement on summary in judgement the next in rulings on week, the next and week, and go to trial as early as October 30. go to trial as early as October 30. I have I have uploaded uploaded numerous numerous publicly publicly available docs that are accessible here: available docs that are accessible here: Hope these help somewhat. There There are are also regular updates at at Pacer. Pacer. case/11295322/Tracy%20v%20Florida_Atlantic_University_Board_of_Trustees_et_al Florida_Atlantic_University_Board_ of_Trustees_et_al The media are are of of course course burying burying the the case case given given their investment their investment the official in the SH official story. SH story. We’ll surely have more material over the We’ll next surely month have or more so either material way. over the next month or so either way. Take care. Jim November 2017/Penn Magazine/11

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