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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

“But here is where the

“But here is where the case gets tricky. Years later, a group of assassination buffs took and audio tape of my description of what I saw in the office of Zapruder’s lawyer and laid it over the film as a narration. So the impression was given that Dan Rather was part of a conspiracy. Either that or he was a Communist dupe, or something, how else could he have seen the film, etc. etc.” No one that I knew every thought Rather was a Communist dupe. All I wanted Rather to do was to admit his error to the television audience he had misinformed. Grudgingly, he admits the error in his book, but that is not the same as saying so on the CBS evening news. I paid a film company in California to have the voice of Rather synchronized to the action of the Zapruder film. I tried unsuccessfully to show the film to Rather. My film was shown at the Democratic Convention held in Miami in 1972. Newsmen who saw the film were shocked at what they saw and immediately confronted Rather who reportedly said “No comment.” On the tenth anniversary of the President’s death we showed the film to Jim Mangrum head of Associated Press for Texas. The showing was in my home. Mangrum was so upset he called Rather, but was unable to reach him until the next day. Mangrum called me to inform that Rather said he made “An honest error.” Here is how Rather slides by his incorrect description, the only possible narration depicting the actual shooting of the President that the nation had that Saturday: “... Regrettably, it was not without error, in terms of what was unsaid about the movement of the President’s head. A few who have tried to sell themselves as assassination experts misused that account to build a false premise. 16/Penn Magazine/November 2017 “It is gruesome even now, and always will be, to talk about this scene, but the single most dramatic piece of the film is the part where the President’s head lurches slightly forward, then explodes backward. I described the forward motion of his head. I failed to mention the violent, backward reaction. This was, as some assassination buffs now argue, a major omission. But certainly not deliberate.” All those who have seen the film (and it is now possible for everyone, with no thanks due to LIFE) know the President’s head did not go as Rather said, “... forward with considerable violence.” The head went BACKWARDS and to the left with terrific violence. In fact, physicists say the force was so great the bullet must have weighted one pound, or more likely was a round of explosive ammunition. The handling of the Zapruder film has been dishonest from the beginning. LIFE paid a tremendous price with the stated purpose of withholding the film from the people. This done by a group to whom the people had granted the RIGHT of freedom of the press so the people could be informed. The public first saw the film during the famous 1968 Clay Shaw trial in New Orleans as then District Attorney Jim Garrison got a cop of the film from LIFE by court order. He showed the film at least thirteen times to the jury and to the entire courtroom audience. All were shocked. One of the two rulings made by that jury was that there was a conspiracy that killed President Kennedy. The other jury ruling was that Clay Shaw was not involved. That jury determination would be different in light of 1976 documents revealing Shaw was CIA. Years later we learned LIFE had delivered to Garrison a copy of the film deliberately made fuzzy or out of focus which hid much of the incriminating evidence. But at the time, no one was able to know LIFE had deliberately withheld this evidence in violation of the Federal court’s order. Only in 1973 when Robert Groden came forward with his clear copy of the famous film did we know of LIFE’s contempt for truth, for Garrison and for the Federal courts. The Groden clear copy of the film was stolen directly from the LIFE files and is now available to the public from this writer. The film convincingly shows the culpability of both LIFE and Dan Rather, and it also indicated the depths of despair the American people now experience because of these men and institutions who have so blatantly violated the sacred RIGHT given them.

The “American-Russian novel all we need is more vodka radio hour.” The New American Dream Radio Show began in February 2011. We call it radio, maybe it’s a podcast, but for certain it’s a lot of fun. Chuck Gregory does the technical “stuff” from his home in Fort Lauderdale. Mike Palecek writes the scripts from Saginaw, Minnesota, north of Cloquet, west of Duluth. The show started off with Len Osanic of Black Op Radio helping us get on air. We had sponsors back then, one was the former Rock Creek Free Press, Matt and Elaine Sullivan, who sent us fifty dollars a week for quite awhile. We then went to Blog Talk Radio, and in December of 2013 joined Revolution Radio. The show is live on Thursdays, 7-9 p.m. Central Time. Show information about our regular guests, various donation buttons and show archives are located at For a while now we have had a regular rotation of guests. Phil Farruggio in Port Orange, Florida is on every week; and so is Frank Cordaro of Des Moines, Iowa. In week one we also have Ava Bird of Los Angeles, Azzurra Crispino of Austin, Texas; Mickey Zezima of Astoria, Queens, New York City. Week two: Richard Flamer, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico; Jim Fetzer, Madison, Wisconsin, Thomas Wertman, Cleveland, Ohio. Week three: Larry Pinkey, Minneapolis; Anthony Rayson, Chicago; M.K. Davis, Benton, Mississippi. Week four: Michael Annis, Denver; Julius Awafong Teneng, Yaounde, Cameroon; Karen Kwiatkowski, Mount Jackson, Virginia. Other guests who have appeared over the seven years include: Sherwood Ross, Susan Lindauer, Matt Sullivan, Debra Sweet, Doug Draime, Ray Rhamey, Teri Lynge, Victor Thorn, Mel Thoreson, Mike Maggio, Tom Sterner, Jack Cohen-Joppa, Sam Smith, Rex Butters, Phil Hey, Peter B. Collins, Melissa “Misty” Rowan, Marc Beaudin, Leigh Herrick, Alice Cherbonnier, Bill Blackolive, Carl Olsen, Chris Davenport, Karl Meyer, Keith McHenry, Alan Maki, John Grant, Andre Vltchek, Ole Dammegard, Rosalie Riegle, Sr. Megan Rice, Vic Sadot. Each show opens with a bit about this being the “American-Russian novel all we need is more vodka radio hour.” Mike wrote that because he feels that what we are living in today in America is perhaps what the Russian people lived through in the days of the Soviet Union, we just don’t know it yet. We have not yet evolved to despair and desperation and struggle. We are still living in the stage of our destitution where we still believe in our institutions. The Americans dream of marshmallow clouds and lollipop lanes and TV towns ... while the world wails, fists clenched, tears streaming. The Americans dream of rocket ships, fireworks, freedom and alleluia ... while they sleep on through the alarm, the house afire. November 2017/Penn Magazine/17

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