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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

The New American Dream

The New American Dream means never having to say some question or idea is not valid. We are allowed to ask any questions that we have ... there are no wrong questions. There is no hidden black military budget, there are no UFO files Americans cannot see, no JFK documents that will not be opened during our lifetimes, no destroyed RFK murder photos by the L.A. police, no evidence from Ground Zero taken away before we can even look at it — we are not the U.S.S.R. of the 1960s — this is supposed to be America. That is our dream, to become America, The New America, the real hope of the world. ... ... We have a dream ... ... of bringing the United States politicians, journalists and generals who have brought about this long 13-year war and debacle to trial — and put on TV just like O.J. — every afternoon — so every American can watch ... just like the McCarthy Hearings and the JFK funeral procession ... What we need is a New American “Why don’t we hear about shootings in Glencoe, Winnetka and Wilmette, Illinois, and in the well-to-do suburbs? That’s because there’s no poverty in those suburbs. That’s because people aren’t struggling with other people for the basic necessities of life. Aristotle’s quotation saying “poverty is the parent of crime and revolution” is true. “We do not have a president 18/Penn Magazine/November 2017 Dream. Not of new homes and toasters and microwaves, but of becoming the type of country we always thought we were. Right now we live on lies. We subsist on lies, but it’s not really living. 911 was an inside job. They all know that. What we need in America is a Truth Commission like they had in South Africa to heal their broken country. We need to put certain people on the stand and we need to be allowed to ask questions. Our country is surely broken as well. The troops are not protecting us. That is someone’s spin on the day’s news – somebody’s advertising slogan --- someone else’s sermon. The troops serve the empire. They are not heroes. They kill and plunder for the empire. American bases overseas serve nobody but the empire. The heroes in our country are the protesters, the ones who go face to face with the empire, those in the Plowshares Movement, for one example. You have to know that Donald and we have not had presidents who will address the problems of the inner cities. “Unless we have a president who will do something for people of Trump knows the whole truth about the 9/11 attacks. He is complicit. He has lied. He has continued the wars everywhere based on a lie. And he knows he is lying. Trump lies right to our faces on national television just as Barack Obama did when he said that Osama bin Laden had been killed ... and buried at sea. ... Osama bin Laden was buried at sea ... and Jessica Lynch was rescued heroically, the U.S.A. does not torture, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, George Bush won the 2000 election, see, there is a plane there in that hole in Shanksville, it went all the way into that hole and no, there is no blood and no bodies and no luggage scattered ... or plane parts ... and Osama bin Laden ... was buried at sea. ... Remember the anthrax letters, which said “Are You Afraid?” Those were not written with a rock and chisel like Fred Flintstone from the recesses of some cave in Afghanistan. Those letters came from persons within our own government. Like a horror movie and the killer is in the same house with us. These killers are right here, with us and “they” want us to be afraid. color in our country, who will improve the schools, who will improve the job opportunities, who will improve the housing, who will give people a reason to live with dignity and respect, we are not going to have an end to the gun culture even if we were to pass 100 laws banning guns. It would not end. We need a more fundamental change than that.” SHERWOOD ROSS

Bird Soars Above The Clouds in Words Wings To Fly on magic carpets of commas, question marks, periods, elipsis and rhyme Ava Bird, of Southern California, was one of the first guests on The New American Dream Radio Show, along with Sherwood Ross real change sshhh! don’t scare the white people! don’t disrupt their happy little lives with white sugary pies & lies like god and protein and fluoride & oh my! how do we take it sometimes?! in the land of the not-so free lost souls on pills, coke kills, ball thrills toxic shock chills awed over bills from remote control gas and shit on cable telecom taps google spying abel and cain babble two bible thumping dicks that can’t just get along! i mean, cant we all get along? beyond borders, disorders, fears and new world orders for peace and justice, social democracy responsibly conscious pure harmony real freedom in the land of the free and home of the brave revolutionary change makers of society aliens are in talking about aliens used to be a faux-pas but now they’re on every channel every corner in conversations overheard email boxes & I heard even my neighbors now! talking strangely, I see ufo’s all the time now too! I used to think it was crazy arizona stuff but chemtrails spraying slime are unidentified flying objects in the sky who are they & what do they want? what in heavens are they spraying? now, ufo’s are a part of life with so many aliens in hollywood and venice beach swimming with freaks sand hags and dudes in drag on dank cranking stupid muscles and aliens are washing up on the beach these days! 1200 generations 1200 generations a slave 40 days and 40 nights fighting tides 24/7 every woman is an island sustaining life with limitations like stuck on occupied lands the rigged games, the fraud nuclear godheads and land grabs patriarchy forcing square pegs into round holes pricks sticking poison shots, bombs, vaccines she sees way past the glass ceiling way past the wall street walls and histories of slavery right on dirty new york streets she climbs and climbs the corporate ladder can lead right up to the floors of world trade controlled demolitions buildings with secret codes and phallic designs to fuck explode for profit she can be lost in the stairwells of concrete remote control the rigged game again bombs and drones drive her nuts she keeps on though carrying the tradition mother ma life giver, the planter, November 2017/Penn Magazine/19

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