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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

Poems by Ava Bird the

Poems by Ava Bird the creator. the real Creator SHE cannot be destroyed this goddess mother earth wiping it clean that again deep in thought deep out there we are meditating on our demons the evening class there are a few drunks and just plain nuts but here we are mixed together big city nights for a moment of giving back back to the communities to the ones that saved us we go back we are all together again in an instant we all disappear out like lights on our own dreams our own paths of glories and hard day’s nights of prison thoughts religions and testaments here we go again 20/Penn Magazine/November 2017 Ava Bird: “That photo was taken in georgia, during my raw food chef training program. not sure if it had a name, it was more like a large pond. i swam in it and there was mud on my skin and bathing suit when i got out. but it was still fun.” back to the moment back to the breath to the here and now hearing things and saying ah, here i am, i made it back to the moment of breath again i finally relax into that Bionote ava bird is a pranic poet, author, writer and loves the pacific. the mother ocean womb provides her with infinite creativity, amazing beauty and great changing waves and tides for awakeness. inspired by the every moment, ava bird also creates recipes of healthy edibles, magical elixirs, medicinal shakes, juices, produces fun events and free form poetry. ompoem@

...pre-recorded ... from New York City IT’S MICKEY Z! Longtime activist taking a different route these days I’ve ditched both my Twitter account and my Instagram. In a much bigger move, I deactivated my longtime Facebook page and downsized to a new friends-only vibe. And, oh yeah, I performed a mercy-killing on my once-popular blog — a version of which has existed and often thrived since May 2004. And I’ve somehow lived to describe it… As I get to know countless homeless women in NYC through my project, I hear many tales about how quickly they adjusted to no longer having a cell phone. They joke about “surviving” such a “hardship” and often agree they don’t miss it at all. (FYI: If not for my homeless woman project, I would’ve abandoned FB a year ago.) Our little ant hills become fiefdoms. I didn’t sign up at FB until 2010. As usual, I was late to a trendy party. However, between (regrettably) having the word “vegan” in my FB name for a while (long before they cracked down on such nonsense) and my (regrettable) involvement with Occupy Wall Street, I soon enough fell right into the most obvious/alluring social media trap. I became important (sic). From my pitiful little ant hill, I assured myself I was uniquely skilled and perfectly positioned to raise awareness, challenge propaganda, make a difference, and all that jazz. Lots of people, it seems, agreed. And they signed on. Like others of Mickey Zezima, on the ferry on the East River, near Astoria, Queens. I became important (sic). ... make a difference, and all that jazz. November 2017/Penn Magazine/21

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