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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

M.K. Davis and blow-up

M.K. Davis and blow-up of Frame 362 of the Patterson-Gimlin film. Believe It Or Not Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is the real deal, just ask M.K. Davis, who has been working with the famous Patterson-Gimlin film for years The Penn Magazine Interview M.K., Here are a few questions. Thank you. PENN: Why the interest in Sasquatch? Did you have an encounter? Or what? M.K. DAVIS: My interest in Sasquatch is directly related to my interest in Astronomy and Astrophotography. Much of my knowledge of film and how to enhance which was learned with the pursuit of astro-photography, was turned on to the Patterson film first with two frames 30/Penn Magazine/November 2017 and then later the entire film. It was my assertion that if the film had its defects corrected and then stabilized, then it would tell its own story as to whether it was genuine or not. PENN: How long have you been at this? M.K. DAVIS: Particularly with the Patterson film about twenty years. PENN: What is the area around Benton like? Do you have to go far to do your research? M.K. DAVIS: The area around Benton is largely wooded with some broken farmland. There are creeks and rivers that all lead to the swamps of the Mississippi delta. I have traveled the length and breadth of this country in pursuit of a solution to the Bigfoot/ Sasquatch problem. I have no doubt, however that there are examples of such in the countryside around Benton. After twenty years of investigations I have personally seen the signs to look for that are seen in more famous places. PENN:What do you have left to do? What would you like yet to do with

M.K. Davis at Bluff Creek, the site of the Patterson-Gimlin film. regard to Bigfoot. What is your largest hope or dream you have regarding Bigfoot? M.K. DAVIS: It’s hard to pursue the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch for all these years without encountering other mysteries that also beg for a solution. There are many such where a person can be impactful and I have looked into some of it. One such subject is the subject of Giants and their presence on the Earth both now and in the distant past. Turning over stones has an alluring effect on the investigator. There is plenty to do. “Most new discoveries are suddenly seeing things that were always there. I have found this to be true over and over again. multifaceted and solutions are also. There are many ways to examine and attack a problem and if there is anything that I feel that I have personally contributed to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch problem is that you don’t give up on the problem. Change angles and pressures and the problem will eventually move. With movement a solution comes shortly thereafter. Turning over stones has an alluring effect on the investigator. There is plenty to do. PENN: Include something here that you would like to mention but I did not ask. M.K. DAVIS: The educator Susan Langer once said: “ Most new discoveries are suddenly seeingn things that were always there”. I have found this to be true over and over again. Most of my work has been a reexamination of evidence that was already generated by someone else. Problems are M.K. Davis on research expedition. November 2017/Penn Magazine/31

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