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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

Kevin Barrett Painting

Kevin Barrett Painting by Doug Auld The White Rose students wrote leaflets, words, and distributed them and were considered worthy of decapitation by the government. might be hard to say ... Which is Batman?Which is Robin? Probably they are both, both. Both are leaders. Neither would fit the role of a sidekick, but each is a ready, willing ally and supporter of the other. And for sure in these times we need some heroes.Turn on the Bat-Signal, light the searchlight.Send out the 8/Penn Magazine/November 2017 call.Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. James Fetzer are very much a part of all that, that tradition of foresight and courage and action and struggle. Jim grew up in California, went to college at Princeton, served four years in the Marines, returned to attend graduate school at Indiana University. He then taught philosophy at the University of Kentucky and other schools, finally ending his career at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Along the way he wrote on many academic topics as well as beginning to make his forays into so-called conspiracy research. He has written many articles, spoken at public gatherings, and interviewed many guests on his radio show as well as being a guest, many, many times. To anyone who knows him, he is a fighter. To this day, he continues to fight.

Kevin Barrett grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, earned his undergraduate degree in journalism at the University of Wisconsin, and dreamed of being a radical writer. He eventually drove a mobile home out to San Francisco to take his turn at being the next Tom Wolfe or Hunter S. Thompson. He lived in the bus for years on the streets and beaches of the Bay Area. While undertaking graduate studies at San Francisco State, Kevin went on junkets to Mexico and Central America, and spent a year in Seattle working for The Nuclear Freeze and getting that whole Grunge thing going. He wrote Dr. Weirde’s Guide To Weirde San Francisco, and did become a successful writer. He also studied in Paris and while there he convinced the national French media he was a famous Hollywood producer, just for kicks. And there was an Amtrak train ride around America. Remember that? Three stops anywhere in the U.S. for less than $300. Well, Kevin took a trip from San Francisco to New Orleans, and during the stop in New York City he met his future wife. He would soon turn his life over to Islam. And that historic event would help him in his present fight, his Jihad, his quest for truth, for justice, riding his cane pony at the sunset not because he believes he can reach it, but because it is there, jousting with any unlucky windmills along the way. This is not the definitive biography of Jim Fetzer, not the last word on Kevin Barrett. It’s a good try. It is a beginning. In preparation for writing, I take a trip from Saginaw, near Duluth, to Madison, Wisconsin. I get to Oregon, a Madison suburb, to Jim’s house, just before he is to start his radio show at 5 p.m. He greets me with a big smile and shows me around. I have met Jim twice before. I’ve listened to many, many of his radio shows, been interviewed by him a few times. He is a monthly columnist on the weekly radio show that I co-host. I’ve read a few of his books and many of his articles. I know that some people don’t like Jim. I know that many people love him. The reason I wanted to do this book, that I asked Jim and Kevin if they would let me do this book, was because I think they are the cutting edge. They know the truth about America, and for years and years they have been doing everything they can to get the word out. If Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett could host The Nightly News for one month our world would be changed forever. There is no question about it. It turns out the media is that important. Information is that big a deal. You listen to Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams for years, and you get Fascist America, over time. You put Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer in their spot and you get Thomas Jefferson’s America, Ben Franklin’s, Tom Paine’s. While sitting in the Weary Traveler café in Madison with Kevin we went over some of his scrapbook photos to see what might be included in this book. Kevin walks with a cane now, because of hip surgery.He has to wait for an infection to heal before the other side gets done. He talks and points and squints to see the newspaper articles across the table as I hold the book. He talks about his students, the university, the controversy that overtook his life when he came out against the official story of 9/11 while still an instructor at the University of Wisconsin. We look over the letters to the editor, in support and not. Kevin points out the front-page story, with his photo, in the Chicago Tribune, the feature stories in The New York Times.He November 2017/Penn Magazine/9

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