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Microblading – What You Should Know

Microblading the is semi-permanent solution to perfectly sculpted, full brows. Similar to tattooing, microblading will last around 6 to 18 months depending on the type of skin. With the unique microblading blade color pigments are deposited right under the epidermis, then above the dermis in fine lines and small strokes in order to simulate real brow hairs. The end result is natural and full eyebrows with individual hair-like strokes.


What You Should Know No Alcohol 24 hours before and after the procedure Alcohol increases bruising and thins out the blood Stop taking fish-oil & flaxseed capsules four days before the procedure takes place and three days after Taking theses oil can thin out the blood which could lead to more scabbing and give you patchy results Vitamin E & C capsules should also be avoided No Caffeine before or After Avoid any caffeine 24 hours before and after in order to minimize any possible bleeding Avoid Sun Exposure Refrain from too much sun expose and the use of any tanning products 7 days before and after the procedure Avoid Moisturizer The dryer the skin the better, avoid moisturizing the brow area a couple of days before the procedure Freshly microbalded eyebrows should not get wet until 7 days after Refrain from exercise until 5 days after the procedure Restrict Medication

You cannot be approved for Microblading Miami if you are taking Roaccutane medication, the procedure will be approved 6 months after the medication treatment was ceased. Click Here :

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