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New products 2018 EN

Fluhr Displays new products 2018.


Successful 2018 Gottfried M. Fluhr, owner and managing director of Fluhr Displays in Fischach Successful 2018 The year 2018 at Fluhr Displays is the focus of the writing materials and office industry. Our card stands are completely refocused. More precisely, our „EDDY“ ensures the right turn here and turns the rotary bodies of our card stands upside down. The individual frames can be combined to form a geometric object. This year we offer eye-catching colors at our table card stands KK 14. Next to silver you can have it now in the colors palermo-gold, bronze-dark and white. Also keep in mind that we have a lot to offer in the development and production of special displays. We would be pleased to advise you individually in order to secure your sales success for the year 2018 and beyond. Sincerely Gottfried M. Fluhr A display of Fluhr was awarded with the „Industry Oscar“, the „ Display Superstar-Award Bronze“ again 2017th 2

KK 14 EDITION 2018 NEW 2018 | Fluhr Displays KK 14 | white KK 14 | silver KK 14 | palermo-gold KK 14 | dark-bronze Art.No . 113 010 140 Art.No. 113 010 142 Art.No. 113 010 145 Art.No. 113 010 144 FLUHR DISPLAYS Expertise in design, development, production, manufacture, logistics and service. 3

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