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Sid Nachman

An Uncommon Life

An Uncommon Life Sid Nachman was the first person in the US to be diagnosed and successfully treated for bipolarism over 50 years ago. His story will astound you "A roller coaster ride through the mind of one of the funniest and endearing storytellers up his generation." Booklover USA Sid writes engaging non-fiction books that revolve around his experiences growing up in Philadelphia. His somewhat acerbic wit, no-holds-barred writing style and deft storytelling takes readers on a carnival ride, filled with stories that demonstrate that life is ultimately just plain good Bipolar Me is a highly entertaining Memoir that allows readers to take a ride with Sid into the unfettered mind of a bipolar boy who never grows up until his hair turns White. Readers will get to see his world in black and white and vivid color. Feel what he feels when he feels like he weighs 3000 pounds and a minute later can leap over tall buildings. Share a life gone wild that settles down when it's almost too late.

What Readers Say: "This book is amazing. Very glad to see that she is happy and at peace with his life." "A brutally honest memoir of an astonishing life." "I love his untethered honesty." "Reading his book is like climbing K2 albeit without Sherpas it is certainly worth reading." "Like James Joyce Sid can take the ordinary and turn it into magic with a fluency that's imperceptible." "I'd recommend this book to anyone." "Sid has captured the best and the worst of a narrow long gone by." "Sid's stories touch the human soul with wet charm and realism."

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