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The Flight of the Eagle and the Condor

and fly

and fly together in the same sky, along the same path. If the condor and eagle accept this opportunity, they will create a most remarkable offspring, unlike any seen before. My Experience: Communist China and Tibetan Buddhism “In the eyes of dialectical philosophy, nothing is established for all time…scientific truth is always a paradox, if judged by everyday experience, which catches only the delusive appearance of things.” - Marx “Do not believe anything on mere hearsay…but whatever, after thorough investigation and reflection, you find to agree with reason and experience, as conducive to the good and benefit of all and of the world at large, accept only that as true and shape your life in accordance with it.” – Buddha I was personally overjoyed to be included in the Mini- Summit, as the World Summit works towards social transformation using the wisdom from this legend as a fundamental guiding principle. For it was the necessity of integrating educated scientific intellect with awakened spiritual consciousness that I realized was necessary after my two-year stint in the People’s Republic of China in 1983 -1985. I had gone there in order to experience first-hand life in a (formerly) communist country. During my time at university, I had become convinced of the applicability of Marx’s analysis of economy and history in creating a just, elevated society. I was an active member of a revolutionary communist party in the U.S. However, my experience in the P.R.C. indicated that the structure of a state-run economy did not remove class conflict and inequality in itself, and that the necessary “ communist” values of unity and sharing were not the guiding motivating factors behind society. It was during my trip through Tibet, my time in Lhasa, and residence in Nepal that I did experience these factors in my contact with the indigenous people there. Coincidentally I was given a copy ofThe Turning Point” by Fritjof Capra, in which the similarities between Quantum Physics and Eastern Spirituality were applied to social relations. I suddenly understood that the so-called “dialectical materialism” that Communist theory touted actually avoided recognizing the most obvious dialectical pole inherent in Communism, that of the dialectic of materialism and spiritualism. Without a transformation in the development of unity in consciousness, the imposition of uniform material circumstances upon people would always fall short of the communist goal. Definition of the Concepts of the Eagle and Condor in the 21 st Century In the thirty years which have followed my realization in Tibet, the unity of the Eagle and the Condor has fortunately begun to take place, beginning in the 1960s with the reverberations created with the mass destruction by the predatory Eagle in World War

II. Militarily, there were instances of ill-equipped but unified peoples in Asia fighting off Western Imperialist occupation. Scientifically, not only have investigations into Quantum Physics given rise to new advanced technologies, it has revealed an underlying energy which runs through the entirety of the universe, the so-called Zero Point Field. In terms of social and cultural evolution, the influx of Eastern teachings have made practices such as Mindfulness and Meditation commonplace in the West. Institutionalized forms of discrimination against the African race, such as the Jim Crow laws in the U.S. and apartheid in South Africa, were rejected through PASSIVE resistance and collective social pressure. The re-emergence of Aboriginal Peoples and Cultures has evoked growing validation and support, and they too are overturning the illegitimate exploitation of Mother Earth by rapacious capitalism through unified peaceful resistance. Thus the Eagle and the Condor can be associated with a variety of terms currently embraced by society: • Masculine and feminine energy (not biological sex) • Yin and Yang • Patriarchal and Matriarchal • Science (technology) and Spirituality (consciousness) • Particles and Waves • Classical and Quantum Science • Explicit and Implicit Order • Head and Heart • Intellect and Feeling By integrating both ends of the seeming dichotomy, the birth of a new paradigm can take place. The teleological scientific paradigm of the ancient world, in which ”everything happens for some reason/contributes to some good”, was replaced by the causal paradigm of the Scientific Revolution, in which “everything that happens is caused to happen in that way”. Now it is time for a universal paradigm to evolve in which the two are combined. Dualism, Monism and Holism Another way of interpreting the legend of the Eagle and the Condor is through the concepts of Dualism, which separates experience between Subject and Object, and could be related to the Eagle, and Monism, which is the theory that denies the existence of distinction in any particular area, the recognition that all-is-one, which might be related to the Condor. Extreme applications of these philosophies in society can lead, on the one hand, to the exaggerated importance and deification of the individual (consumer) over the needs and values of the group, as can be seen in popular Western society, and the almost complete subordination of the individual will and unique development to the collective,

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