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Lavazza Equipment Loan Program – Prequalification Business Operating Name: ______________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________ City/Prov.: _______________________ Postal Code: __________ Contact Person: ___________________________ Telephone: ________________ email: ____________________ Type of Business (please circle): -Restaurant -Café -Hotel -Catering -Resort -Sports Venue -Office Other: _________________________________ New Business? Yes No Seasonal business? Yes No Years in business: ______ Hours of operation: ______________________________ Seating capacity: _________ Meals served: Yes No If yes, please specify: Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner Catered Existing Business: 1. Please attach a velocity report for the past 52 weeks. Include all coffee sales (drip & espresso). If you are not the current coffee provider for this account, please have client obtain information from current supplier. If velocity report is not available, please have client supply invoices for the past 52 weeks (can hide pricing). Product Name (specify beans/ground and espresso or drip) Case Size Pack Size (grams or oz) Total cases over 12 months 2. Does the restaurant own or need equipment? If equipment is required, please indicate which type and model. Model number: __________________________ Model number: ___________________________________ Loaned equipment will be based on daily volume requirement as determined by Lavazza. Equipment will be confirmed once all information is received and analyzed. New Business: Provide an estimate on number of espresso and drip servings anticipated per day. Espresso: _______ Drip: _________ Will customer be serving both Lavazza Espresso and Drip: ________

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