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Lavazza Harlan's Complete

ESPRESSO: its identity

ESPRESSO: its identity card Temperature of coffee in the cup 170-180 °F. Volume of the drink 1 oz. Crema Compact and consistent Hazelnut color Thickness: 10% of volume Cup White porcelain Truncated cone shape Temperature 100-105° F. Average caffeine content per cup 60-90 mg Consumption temperature 140° F. approx Ideal consumption time Extraction 2 min. approx 25 % of total substances

ESPRESSO: how it is prepared Water temperature: 195-200°F. Boiler pressure: 0.9- 1,3 bar Extraction pressure: 9 bar Infusion time: 5-6 sec. Brewing Time 25-30 sec Coffee dose: 6,5 - 7 g (0,25 oz) Volume in cup: 30 ml (1 oz)

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