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Lavazza Harlan's Complete

Perfect Milk Pitcher •

Perfect Milk Pitcher • MATERIAL: stainless steel 18/10 • SHAPE: truncated cone with a spout • SIZE: most used are 35 oz 25 oz 18 oz

How to Froth Milk 1 Fill the pitcher with the desired quantity of cold milk 2 turn the knob and purge steam from the spout, eliminating any condensation 3 Place the spout approx 1 inch below the milk surface, close to the side of the pitcher 4 open the steam knob and froth the milk, allowing the steam spout to rise above the milk surface for a few seconds 5 Place the spout 1 inch below the surface and tilt the pitcher to create a vortex 6 Once milk is hot (140- 150° F), stop the steam and clean the spout by the means of a sanitized wipe

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