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The TOTE Betting System Explained If this is your first experience of greyhound racing then please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with the TOTE betting system. The minimum take on the Tote is... £1 for WIN or PLACE bets, 50p for FORECAST or TRIO bets There is no Maximum amount you may stake All winning Dividends are declared to a £1 stake Our TOTE operates four separate ‘pools’ into which you may place your bets for any race this evening. The pools are WIN, PLACE, FORECAST & TRIO. It’s easy... Simply decide on your stake and then pick the pool and trap numbers Why not try a bet on our Jackpot? Just pick the WINNER of each of the SIX races from Race 5 through to Race 10 this evening For a MINIMUM stake of just £1 you could go home with £26,988 tonight! To bet on the TOTE Jackpot, simply fill out a Jackpot slip with your own selections and hand it into one of the TOTE windows. Alternatively, as a member of out TOTE staff for a JACKPOT LUCKY DIP. For full terms and conditions, please see notices displayed at our main entrance and at TOTE windows throughout the Stadium or ask your TOTE Messenger for a copy. THE GAMBLING ACT 2005 - This Act forbids anyone under the age of 18 from placing a bet on either the TOTE or with any bookmaker located at the Stadium. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play on any gambling machine. It is also illegal for anyone to place a bet on behalf of someone under the age of 18, even if it is his or her present. Proof of age may be requested by Stadium staff at any time, and breach of any of the above may result in your being asked to leave the Stadium. Persons under the age of 18 are only admitted to this Stadium in the charge of a responsible adult and on the understanding that they do not bet.

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