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BeatRoute Magazine BC Print Edition February 2018

BeatRoute Magazine is a monthly arts and entertainment paper with a predominant focus on music – local, independent or otherwise. The paper started in June 2004 and continues to provide a healthy dose of perversity while exercising rock ‘n’ roll ethics. Currently BeatRoute’s AB edition is distributed in Calgary, Edmonton (by S*A*R*G*E), Banff and Canmore. The BC edition is distributed in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. BeatRoute (AB) Mission PO 23045 Calgary, AB T2S 3A8 E. BeatRoute (BC) #202 – 2405 E Hastings Vancouver, BC V5K 1Y8 P. 778-888-1120


SKI/SNOW LANDLINE FIRST SNOWBOARD FILM BY VANS SHOWCASES THE TRUE HEART OF SNOWBOARDING CULTURE ALASTAIR SPRIGGS Directed by Tanner Pendleton, LANDLINE. is shot primarily on 16mm film. Photo by Alastair Spriggs On the third stop of the Vans Global Premiere Tour for LANDLINE., the brand’s first-ever full length snowboard film, the Vans snowboard team visited Imperial Vancouver on January 17 for the official Canadian premiere. Hours before the show, hundreds lined the streets outside the event hall; to no one’s surprise, the Vancouver snowboard scene showed up for this highly anticipated event. “The past two European premieres have gone really well,” says Vans boarder Jake Kuzyk. “But the whole crew has been excited for this night in particular, since we have so many friends here. We’re at home. I’m really stoked.” The video captures the hard-hitting Vans snowboard team over the past two years as they travel the world in search of the deepest powder, gnarliest rails, and steepest terrain. Shot almost entirely on Kodak 16mm film, director Tanner Pendleton and the filming team deliver an authentic experience shaped by the natural ability and expression of each rider. “There are things about every rider on the team that I connect with and really look up to,” says Pendleton. “Each part came from the riders’ minds, like painting a picture. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to show the world how well they all snowboard.” When the video began rolling, the anxious Vancouver crowd came to a near silence. The hammers, bails, and original lifestyle shots in the opening scenes set the tone for the masterpiece to come. LANDLINE. opens with a well-rounded, street-heavy scene from Sam Taxwood. Though each trick was worthy of praise, his backlip same-way on a Michigan down-flat rail sparked roars throughout the crowd. From start to finish, LANDLINE. delivered mindblowing parts. Although most sectional snowboard videos tend to feature the heaviest riding in the opening and closing segments (here, Taxwood and Kuzyk), LANDLINE. was filled with equally impressive riding, editing, and filming throughout. Whether it be poked-out methods by pioneer Bryan Iguchi, big-city rail charging by Dillon Ojo, or tuck-kneed backcountry trickery from Blake Paul, this video has something for everyone. Though it took Vans almost 25 years to release their first-ever full-length snowboard film, the video’s release couldn’t have come at a better time. While modern day snowboarding is gradually trending towards triple corks, Olympic results, and mainstream sponsorship, LANDLINE. manifests the culture, energy, and artistic expression that drives boarders to spend days trying to land a single trick, or to spend an evening with friends at a local resort. LANDLINE. is available for download on iTunes and Vimeo. 12 February 2018

GROWING ROOM: A FEMINIST LITERARY FESTIVAL SECOND EDITION EXPANDS ON EXPERIENCE SARAH JAMIESON Writer Farzana Doctor will be speaking at the festival. COME ON, VOGUE COLLECTIVE CELEBRATES, SUPPORTS VANCOUVER’S CREATIVE WOMEN IN MUSIC SARAH JAMIESON When Madonna accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Billboard Awards in 2016, Laura Smith knew what she had to do. Madonna’s speech spoke of terrible things women were expected to do as artists, how they had to weaponize their sexuality to survive. Smith knew right then that she needed to create a community where women could support each other in music. She had friends and family who were female musicians, so she seized the opportunity to add a sense of belonging — one she says has been missing from Vancouver for far too long. “You can be a bit isolated (gender-wise) because there’s a lot of men,” she says. “The group [Come on, Vogue] really struck a chord with people. Vancouver can be a weirdly lonely city. Having a sense of community is important to people’s well-being.” Smith started Come on, Vogue in December 2016 with casual meetup groups after she realized a lot of younger women were interested in collaborating within the music industry. Female performers, producers, and sound engineers all came together. After a triumphant first year, Room Magazine’s literary festival, Growing Room, returns for a second volume full of feminism. The festival will feature more than 40 authors, 16 events, and nine workshops, including authors Amber Dawn, Caroline Adderson, Carleigh Baker, and Jen Sookfong Lee. While there are less events and authors than last year, the organizers have doubled the number of workshops. “We decided to double [the workshops] because they were so popular,” says Room Managing Editor Chelene Knight, adding that this year the festival narrowed its scope to maximize impact. This meant fewer events and more hands-on experiences. This year, burgeoning writers can run their own work past a team of writing mentors and editors, including Knight, Anna Ling Kaye, and Adèle Barclay. The literary consultations cost a fraction of the usual price for a half-hour with an editor. Workshops include new offerings by Farzana Doctor, Molly Billows, Jillian Christmas, Maggie de Vries, Jónína Kirton, and Sharon Jinkerson- Brass. Jen Currin and Barbara Findlay will also return by popular demand. Panels and readings include topics on white feminism, trauma and self-care, and the complexities and responsibilities of writing Although Come on, Vogue is womencentred, the community welcomes trans, female identifying, non-binary, 2spirit, and friends. Smith wants to foster a safe and inclusive space for creative inspiration. They run workshops and panels for industry professionals, as well as performances and information access for artists. Entry to the workshops and panels is free, and any donations go to WISH. The WISH Drop-In Centre is an overnight refuge for self-identified women who are involved in the survival sex trade. Bi-monthly concerts are hosted at Café Deux Soleils and the Fox Cabaret, and are open to the public. The next showcase is at Café Deux Soleils on February 2. “We’re trying to showcase a variety of everything,” Smith says, adding that performances range from classical, sunshine rock, country, and synth pop to punk, metal, and rap. “We’re thinking big things for 2018. We’re getting our feet on the ground. We have lots of ideas and excitement.” Learn more about Come On, Vogue at February 2018 13 CITY about family and other loved ones. “Personally, I’m excited about the Indigenous Brilliance panel,” Knight says, “and the Hidden Intersections event will be pretty educational.” Although the festival is branded as feminist, events are open to anyone with a passion for literature. There’s something for everyone, even if you’re not a writer or familiar with the scene. A live recording of Room’s new podcast, Fainting Couch Feminists, will be fun to see even if you’re not a literary nut, and many events mix spoken word with music. For free, festival attendees can attend the live podcast, a panel, or visit a brewery for a musical performance and get involved in the conversation. All events at Growing Room — with the exception the Opening Night Party, manuscript consultations, and workshops — are pay-what-you-can donation. “After you attended, donate how much you think this was worth. It’s a ratings system for us, and it removes the financial barrier,” Knight adds. Growing Room’s opening night party is March 1 at the Fox Cabaret. The event will feature music by Too Attached. Growing Room: A Feminist Literary Festival runs from March 1-4 at various locations in Mount Pleasant. Come On, Vogue celebrates community in the music industry. RIO THEATRE 1660 EAST BROADWAY FEBRUARY FEB 2 FEB 3 4 FEB 6 FEB 7 FEB 8 FEB 9 FEB 16 FEB 17 FEB 20 FEB 21 FEB 22 FEB 23 FEB 28 FEB MAR 2 MAR 4 THE GEEKENDERS PRESENT UH-OH! A YTV BURLESQUE NIGHT FT. SCOTT YAPHE GROUNDHOG DAY FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE CASABLANCA ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND LOVING VINCENT THE SUPER BOWL LIVE & FREE! KICKOFF TIME 3:30 PM GET OUT JOAQUIN PHOENIX DOUBLE BILL! WALK THE LINE HER WIM WENDERS' WINGS OF DESIRE THE GENTLEMEN HECKLERS PRESENT M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN'S THE HAPPENING TITANIC FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI'S ROMEO & JULIET THE PRINCESS BRIDE THE ROOM FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE THE DARK CRYSTAL REMSATERED IN 4K! FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE INSTANT THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS SHAKESPEARE AFTER DARK LIVING ON SOUL SHARON JONES & CHARLES BRADLEY LIVE AT THE APOLLO 2014 REIGN CITY CABARET THE FICTIONALS COMEDY CO. PRESENTS IMPROV AGAINST HUMANITY: CUPID'S REVENGE! STORY STORY LIE: A STORYTELLING GAME SHOW "SMOOTH CRIMINAL" DREAD CENTRAL PRESENTS THE LODGERS NICOLAS CAGE + SELMA BLAIR MOM & DAD RAISING ARIZONA FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE THE CRITICAL HIT SHOW! #DNDLIVE, IMPROVISED EPIC FANTASY ICHI THE KILLER (REMASTERED IN 4K!) FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE THE RIO'S ANNUAL OSCAR PARTY! LIVE & FREE ON THE BIG SCREEN COMPLETE LISTINGS AT WWW.RIOTHEATRE.CA

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