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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

History/Social Studies

History/Social Studies NEW! K-2 Essentials for Social Studies This series has everything teachers need to teach social studies in one easy-to-use resource. Even in grades kindergarten through second grade, students are expected to learn a lot! This book will help teachers meet essential state standards with ageappropriate activities in a fun, attractive, and interesting style! NEW! What’s inside. Topics: • Foundations • Geography • History • Government • Civics • Economics 10 Activities: • Writing prompts • Vocabulary cards • Primary sources • Fill-in-the-blank • Order of events • Compare and contrast • and more! Essentials for Social Studies P: $14.99 3 Titles Code Kindergarten Essentials for Social Studies EBPK First Grade Essentials for Social Studies EBP1 Second Grade Essentials for Social Studies EBP2

History/Social Studies Common Core Lessons & Activities Higher-Order-Thinking, Analysis, Inference, & More This series helps teachers meet existing social studies and science standards, AND integrate new reading, writing, analysis, inference, text-dependent questions, rigor, and more into their daily instruction. Teachers can easily supplement the resources they already have by choosing the books in this series that match the topics they are responsible for teaching. Each book provides ready-to-use REPRODUCIBLE pages that are the exact kinds of lessons and activities needed to meet the added requirements of Common Core! Lessons & Activities Include: • Primary Source Analysis • Interpreting Visual Data • Text Analysis & Cause and Effect • Classifying Information • Making Predictions & Applying Concepts • Text-Dependent Questions • Page-by-Page Correlations to CCSS • Plus Lots More! What’s inside. Special Offers For Your Store Floor Display: 6 each of 48 books ($1,437 Retail Value) plus FREE floor display. Includes 24 Social Studies titles shown here, plus 24 Science titles. Dealer Cost $720.00 plus $40 freight on display. SP-COMDIS6-48 For Your Catalog Basic History Set: MSRP: $49.90 Product Code: COMBAS10KS Primary Sources Graphical Analysis Common Core Lessons & Activities P: $4.99 Interest Level: Ages 7-15 Reading Level: Grades 2-8 Forming a Nation Set: MSRP: $49.90 Product Code: COMEARLY10KS 30 Titles Code 30 Titles Code 30 Titles Code The American Revolution CCPAME Declaration of Independence CCPDEC The Olympics CCPOLY Ancient Civilizations Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Basic Economic Concepts Bill of Rights Branches of Government Civil Rights Movement Road to the Civil War The Civil War: Key Battles and Events Colonial America Communities CCPANCCIV CCPEGY CCPGRE CCPECOC CCPBIL CCPBRA CCPCIVRIG CCPROACIV CCPCIVWAR CCPCOL CCPCOM Environmental Issues Around The World Explorers Forms of Government Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears Inventors and Inventions Jamestown Key Events of World War I Key Events of World War II Map Skills Native Americans CCPENVISS CCPEXP CCPDEM CCPTRA CCPINV CCPJAM CCPKEYWWI CCPKEYWW2 CCPMAP CCPIND Personal Finance Political Parties & Elections Underground Railroad U.S. Constitution Westward Expansion Women’s Suffrage & 19th Amendment SETS $49.90 each Basic History Set Forming a Nation Set Growth of a Nation Set CCPPER CCPPOL CCPUND CCPUSC CCPWES CCPWOM COMBAS10KS COMEARLY10KS COMHIS10KS Growth of a Nation Set: MSRP: $49.90 Product Code: COMHIS10KS SEE PAGE 29 FOR MORE TITLES Customer Service 800-536-2438 11