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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

History/Social Studies

History/Social Studies Special Offers For Your Store American Milestones American Milestones are a must-have for Social Studies teachers nationwide. Focusing on historical events, these reproducible books are filled with fascinating facts, hands-on activities, teacher-tested lesson plans and more! They provide an in-depth look at our nation’s history with quality, standardsbased content teachers can count on! What’s inside. Floor Display: 6 each of 16 books, choose from 22 available titles ($672 Retail Value) plus FREE floor display. Dealer Cost $336 plus $25 freight on display SP-AMDIS6-16 For Your Catalog 18th Century Set MSRP: $41.94 Product Code: SP-AMP18CENKS 19th Century Set MSRP: $62.91 Product Code: SP-AMP19CENKS 20th Century Set MSRP: $48.93 Product Code: SP-AMP20CENKS 12 American Milestones Paperback (P): $6.99 Library Bound (LB): $29.99 22 Titles Code 13 Colonies AMPTHI Abraham Lincoln American Revolution Bill of Rights Brown v. Board of Education Civil Rights Civil War Declaration of Independence Great Depression AMPABR AMPREV AMPBIL AMPBRO AMPCIVRIG AMPCIVWAR AMPDEC AMPGRE 22 Titles Code Industrial Revolution Jamestown Lewis & Clark Louisiana Purchase Oregon Trail Orville & Wilbur Wright Pony Express! Supreme Court Transcontinental Railroad Underground Railroad AMPIND AMPJAM AMPLEW AMPLOU AMPORE AMPWRI AMPPON AMPSUP AMPTRA AMPUND Interest Level: Ages 9-17 Reading Level: Grades 4-12 22 Titles Code U.S. Constitution World War I World War II SETS 18th Century Set of all 6 Books: $41.94 19th Century Set of all 9 Books: $62.91 20th Century Set of all 7 Books: $48.93 AMPUSC AMPWWI AMPWWII SP- AMP18CEN SP- AMP19CEN SP- AMP20CEN

History/Social Studies Biography FunBooks These biographies about famous historical figures provide an overview of each person’s life while covering information that students are required or expected to learn to meet state and national standards. • Reproducible • With activities to reinforce learning Special Offers For Your Store NEW! What’s inside. Floor Display: 6 each of 24 FunBooks ($575 Retail Value) plus FREE floor display. Dealer Cost $288 plus $40 freight on display. SP- FBDIS6-24 For Your Catalog Biography FunBooks Paperback: $3.99 Interest Level: Ages 7-12 Reading Level: Grades 2-6 Presidents, Explorers & Inventors Set MSRP: $51.87 Product Code: SP-FBSETPIEKS 30 Titles Code 30 Titles Code 30 Titles Code Abraham Lincoln FBPABRBIO John Deere FBPJOHDEE Sacagawea FBPSACAGA Barack Obama FBPBAROBA Johnny Appleseed FBPJOHAPP Sequoyah FBPSEQUOY Benjamin Franklin FBPBENFRA Juan Ponce de Leon FBPJUAPON Sonia Sotomayor FBPSONSOT Booker T. Washington FBPBOOWAS Laura Ingalls Wilder FBPLAUWIL Susan B. Anthony FBPSUSANT Cesar Chavez FBPCESCHA Lewis and Clark FBPLEWCLA Thomas Edison FBPTHOEDI Christopher Columbus Coretta Scott King George W. Carver George Washington Harriet Tubman Helen Keller FBPCHRCOL FBPCOR FBPGEOCAR FBPGEOWAS FBPHARTUB FBPHELKEL Martin Luther King, Jr. Michelle Obama Patrick Henry Paul Revere Pocahontas Rosa Parks FBPMARKIN FBPMICOBA FBPPATHEN FBPPAUREV FBPPOCAHO FBPROSPAR Thomas Jefferson Wright Brothers SETS $51.87 Women & Minorities Set Presidents, Inventors & Explorers Set FBPTHOJEF FBPWRIBRO FBSETWMKS FBSETPIEKS Women & Minorities Set MSRP: $51.87 Product Code: SP-FBSETWMKS Customer Service 800-536-2438 13