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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

History/Social Studies

History/Social Studies Black History & MLK This high-impact series makes black heritage studies fun and interactive while bringing students up to speed on the achievements of influential African Americans throughout history and today. Motivating narratives and educational activities make these teacher-requested best-sellers Black History Month must-haves! What’s inside. 14

History/Social Studies Special Offers For Your Store Poster Magnet Sticker Poster Photo Pack Floor Display: 3-6 each of 22 different products, ($698.79 Retail Value) plus free floor display. Dealer Cost $349.92 plus $40 freight on display. SP-BHDIS6+3 Black History Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 2-8 Title Code Price Black Heritage GameBook BHPGAM $7.95 Black Heritage Coloring Book BHCCOL $3.95 Celebrating Black Heritage BHPCEL $5.95 Black Trivia BHPTRI $7.95 Big Book of Activities BHRBIG $12.95 Monumental Moments BHPMON $7.95 Best Book of Black Biographies BHPBES $7.95 Civil Rights Coloring Book BHCCIVRIG $5.99 Black Business BJPBUS $7.95 Let’s Quilt Our African American Heritage BJPQUI $7.95 The Kitchen House BJPKIT $7.95 Out of the Mouths of Slaves BJPOUT $7.95 Color Purple & All That Jazz BJPCOLPUR $7.95 Title Code Price African American Mini-Timeline BHTMIN $1.95 African American Big Timeline BHTTIM $12.99 African American Heroes Bulletin Board African American Heroes Bulletin Board Borders Underground Railroad Bulletin Board and Borders All-In-One BBBAFRBUL $10.99 BBBAFRBOR $4.99 AIBUND $12.99 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. PRODUCTS Keep Calm and Dream On Magnet BHMKEE $2.99 Keep Calm and Dream On Sticker BHSKEE $0.79 Keep Calm and Dream On Poster BHPKEE $1.99 MLK Poster HNPPOSMAR $1.99 11” X 17” Sturdy Card Stock MLK Photo 30 Pack 8.5” x 11” Educational activities on the back of each photo. HNPPHOMAR $19.99 Counter Display: 3-12 each of top 9 products. ($381.27 Retail Value) plus FREE COUNTER DISPLAY. Dealer Cost $190.92 plus $6 freight on display. SP-BHCTR6+3 For Your Catalog Class Set: MSRP: $85.57 Product Code: SP-BHCSKS Customer Service 800-536-2438 15