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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

History/Social Studies

History/Social Studies Hispanic History These fun, dual-language kid-friendly, educational books bring Hispanic history, culture, current events and achievements to life. Kids will love the variety in this series – with activities in both English and Spanish! Native American History Children learn valuable information about Native American accomplishments while completing challenging activities. Subjects range from historic landmarks to famous women, legends, famous chiefs, tribes and more. Displays and Sets available all STATES Hispanic History Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 2-8 Native American History Interest Level: Ages 8-13 Reading Level: Grades 3-8 Title Code Price Big Book of Hispanic Activities FSRBIG $9.99 Hispanic Trivia FSPTRI $7.99 Hispanic Heritage Mini-Timeline FSTMIN $0.99 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage FSPCEL $5.99 Best Book of Hispanic Biographies FSPBES $7.99 Hispanic Heritage Coloring Book FSCCOL $5.99 Hispanic Heritage Bulletin Board Set BBBHISBUL $10.99 Hispanic Heritage Bulletin Board Borders BBBHISBOR $4.99 Title Code Price Big Book of Native American Activities NARBIG $9.95 Best Book of Native American Biographies NAPBES $7.95 Native American Coloring Book NACCOL $3.95 Native American Mini-Timeline NATMIN $0.99 Native American Bulletin Board and Borders All-In-One AIBNAT $12.99 Celebrating Native American Heritage NAPCEL $5.95 State Native American Book Enter 2 letter state abbreviation _ _ PIND $7.95 16

History/Social Studies President and Elections These books and posters make learning about political parties and the election process fun and cool! Activities and games engage kids and encourage them to grab a pencil and join the party with facts on voting, the office of the president, candidate selection, the White House, and more. Special Offers For Your Store Photo Pack // Poster Magnet // Sticker Elections Starter Set & Political Parties Display: 3-6 each of 15 items ($545 Retail Value) plus 200 FREE BOOKMARK BAG STUFFERS, plus FREE counter display. Dealer Cost $273 plus $6 freight on display. SP-PFPCTR6-15 For Your Catalog Elections & Political Parties Classroom Set MSRP: $53.85 Product Code: SP-PFELECSKS Title Code Price DONALD TRUMP – NEW! America’s 45th President HNPAME45 $9.99 Presidential Coloring & Activity Book HNCCOLTRU $5.99 I’m Reading About Trump IMPTRU $7.99 Trump Photo Pack (30) HNPPHOTRU $19.99 Trump Poster HNPPOSTRU $1.99 Trump Magnet HNMTRU $2.99 Trump Sticker HNSTRU $0.79 ELECTION PRODUCTS How We Elect the President Poster PFPHOW $9.99 Classroom Elections Kit PFKELE $14.99 Title Code Price Republican Party Coloring Book PFCCOLREP $4.99 Democratic Party Coloring Book PFCCOLDEM $4.99 Tea Party Coloring Book PFCCOLTEA $4.99 Green Party Coloring Book PFCCOLGRE $4.99 Political Parties Activity Book PFPPOL $7.99 Presidential Elections Activity Book PPPELE $7.95 Elections Bulletin Board BBBELEBUL $10.99 Elections Bulletin Board Borders BBBELEBOR $4.99 Political Parties Poster Pack of 4 PFPPOSSET $7.95 Don’t Know Beans U.S. Presidents DKCUSP $9.99 The First Woman President PPPFIR $7.99 Customer Service 800-536-2438 17