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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

America & The 50 States

America & The 50 States Primary Sources Help students deepen their understanding of historical events by learning how to analyze primary sources. Each Primary Source Pack includes 20 important primary sources ranging from photos and maps, to paintings and lithographs, to letters and telegrams, to newspaper clippings and diagrams. Packs include a mix of color, black & white, and sepia primary sources printed on sturdy 8.5” x 11” cardstock. What’s inside. all STATES Just what teachers need to help students learn how to analyze primary sources and increase rigor! • Maps • Photographs • Political cartoons • Paintings • Lithographs • Documents • Letters & Telegrams • Diagrams Primary Sources P: $12.99 Free Primary Sources Teacher’s Guide Get ideas, strategies, graphic organizers, and more to “dig deep” into Primary Sources with our Free Online Teacher's Guide for Primary Sources, which includes 12 different Student Worksheets! Interest Level: Ages 8/18 Reading Level: Grades 4-6 22 SEE PAGES 6-7 FOR MORE TITLES 50 Titles Code State Primary Sources Pack __ __ PPRI Available for all 50 states! Include 2-letter state abbr. in code.

America & The 50 States Our Big Cool USA This series makes Our Big Cool USA fun to learn about! Appealing graphics and engaging activities cover USA symbols, landmarks, founders, government, history, geography, people, monumental events, and lots more! Special Offers For Your Store Floor Display: 6 each of 17 products, plus 2 each of 8 FunSheet packs ($1,057 Retail Value) plus FREE floor display. Dealer Cost $528 plus $40 freight on display. SP-USDIS6+2 For Your Catalog Our Big Cool USA Interest Level: Ages 7-11 Reading Level: Grades 2-6 K-2 USA Set MSRP: $27.96 Product Code: SP-USSETK2KS Title Code Price USA Activity Book USPACT $14.99 USA Jeopardy Book USPJEO $7.99 USA Biographies Book USPBIO $7.99 USA My First Book USPMYF $7.99 USA Project Book USPPRO $7.99 USA Coloring Book USCCOL $3.99 U.S. Constitution Coloring Book USCCOLCON $4.99 USA Write-on/Wipe-off Desk Mat 11” X 17” USMMAPW $3.99 USA Poster Map 22” X 34” USPPOS $7.99 USA Mini Patriotic Timeline 3.5” X 17” USTMIN $0.99 Title Code Price U.S. History I (1492-1877) Big Timeline U.S. History I Student Timeline (Pack of 10) U.S. History II (1877-Present) Big Timeline U.S. History II Student Timeline (Pack of 10) USTUS1BIG $12.99 USTUS1STU $5.99 USTUS2BIG $12.99 USTUS2STU $5.99 Civics & Economics Big Timeline USTCIVBIG $12.99 Civics & Economics Student Timeline (Pack of 10) USTCIVSTU $5.99 50 States Big Timeline UST50SBIG $12.99 50 States Student Timeline (Pack of 10) UST50SSTU $5.99 3rd-5th Grade USA Set: MSRP: $74.92 Product Code: SP-USSET35KS Customer Service 800-536-2438 23