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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog


Science NEW SERIES! DBQ Lessons & Activities Document-Based Questions Students read, observe, and analyze primary and secondary sources to answer document-based questions that range from identifying cause and effect, predicting possible outcomes, explaining point-of-view, summarizing main ideas, defining vocabulary from textual clues, and much more! DBQs integrate literacy, standards-based content, and critical thinking! 4 New Titles Books include: • Text, Data, & Primary Source Analysis • Writing • Charts & Graphs • Inference • Cause & Effect • Point of View • Categorization • Technology • Order of Events • Categorization • Predict Possible Outcomes • & Lots More! SEE PAGE 5 FOR MORE TITLES DBQ Lessons & Activities P: $9.99 4 Titles Paperback Force & Motion, Magnetism, & the Scientific Method Earth Science: Rocks & Minerals, Landforms, & the History of the Earth Environmental Science: Plants, Animals, Habitats, Ecosystems, Conservation, & More States of Matter, Chemical Reactions, & the Scientific Method Interest Level: Ages 9-15 Reading Level: Grades 4-6 DBPFOR DBPEAR DBPENV DBPSTA 28

Science Common Core Lessons & Activities Higher-Order-Thinking, Analysis, Inference, & More This series helps teachers meet existing social studies and science standards, AND integrate new reading, writing, analysis, inference, text-dependent questions, rigor, and more into their daily instruction. Teachers can easily supplement the resources they already have by choosing the books in this series that match the topics they are responsible for teaching. Each book provides ready-to-use REPRODUCIBLE pages that are the exact kinds of lessons and activities needed to meet the added requirements of Common Core! Lessons & Activities Include: • Primary Source Analysis • Interpreting Visual Data • Text Analysis & Cause and Effect • Classifying Information • Making Predictions & Applying Concepts • Text-Dependent Questions • Page-by-Page Correlations to CCSS • Plus Lots More! What’s inside. Special Offers For Your Store Floor Display: 6 each of 48 books ($1,437 Retail Value) plus FREE floor display. Includes 24 Social Studies titles shown here, plus 24 Science titles. Dealer Cost $720.00 plus $40 freight on display. SP-COMDIS6-48 For Your Catalog Earth Science Set: MSRP: $49.90 Product Code: COMEARTH10KS Applying Concepts Text Dependent Questions Common Core Lessons & Activities P: $4.99 Interest Level: Ages 7-15 Reading Level: Grades 2-8 Physical Science Set: MSRP: $49.90 Product Code: COMPH10KS 30 Titles Code 30 Titles Code 30 Titles Code Cell Structure CCPCELSTR History of the Earth CCPHIS Solar System CCPSOL Chemical Reactions CCPCHE The Human Body CCPHUM Sound CCPSOU Classification of Organisms Ecosystems Electricity Energy Environmental Science Force & Motion Habitats Health & Nutrition Heredity & Genetics CCPCLA CCPECOS CCPELE CCPENE CCPENVSCI CCPFOR CCPHAB CCPHEA CCPHER Landforms Life Cycles Light Magnetism Mammals Natural Resources Oceans Plants Rocks & Minerals The Scientific Method CCPLAN CCPLIF CCPLIG CCPMAG CCPMAM CCPNAT CCPOCE CCPPLA CCPROC CCPSCI Space Science States of Matter Water Cycle Wave Properties Weather SETS $49.90 each Earth Science Set Physical Science Set Life Science Set CCPSPA CCPMAT CCPWAT CCPWAV CCPWEA COMEARTH10KS COMPH10KS COMLIFE10KS Life Science Set: MSRP: $49.90 Product Code: COMLIFE10KS SEE PAGE 11 FOR MORE TITLES Customer Service 800-536-2438 29