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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

Science Science Alliance

Science Science Alliance The award-winning Science Alliance series has been applauded for its combination of challenging science and kid-friendly, hands-on activities, experiments – and a science fair project in every book! Perfect for science-minded kids and teachers who just can’t get enough information about earth, life, and physical science! What’s inside. reative Child Magazine C 2013 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD “Carole Marsh is making science sizzle…This dynamic series includes hands-on experiments, reproducible activities and information that goes beyond textbook basics…” – B2E News Alert of PreK-12 30

Science Special Offers For Your Store Floor Display: 6 each of 16 books ($672 Retail Value) plus FREE floor spinner display. EACH BOOK INCLUDES: • Scientific Method • Inventors/Inventions • Tools & Equipment • Careers • Metric Conversions • Glossary Dealer Cost $336 plus $25 freight on display. SP-SADIS6-16 For Your Catalog Earth Science Set MSRP: $34.94 Product Code: SP-SAPEARTHKS Science Alliance $6.99 each Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 2-7 Life Science Set MSRP: $27.96 Product Code: SP-SAPLIFEKS 16 Titles Code 16 Titles Code 16 Titles Code Electricity SAPELE Genetics SAPGEN Sets Force & Motion Light and Color Magnetism SAPFOR SAPLIG SAPMAG Habitats Plant Cells & Animal Cells Landforms SAPHAB SAPCEL SAPLAN Earth Science Set of 5 Books: $34.94 Life Science Set of 4 Books: $27.96 SP-SAPEARTHKS SP-SAPLIFEKS Sound Space Science States of Matter Ecosystems SAPSOU SAPSPA SAPSTA SAPECO Natural Disasters Natural Resources & Conservation Rocks & Minerals Weather SAPNATDIS SAPNATRES SAPROC SAPWEA Physical Science Set of 7 Books: $48.93 SP-SAPPHYSKS Physical Science Set MSRP: $48.93 Product Code: SP-SAPPHYSKS Customer Service 800-536-2438 31