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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

Classroom Fun Don’t

Classroom Fun Don’t Know Beans About.. Get your game on with 11 fun, educational games. Subjects on history, culture, science, weather, and more. Each subjectbased game includes 60 question and 60 answer cards - great for 2 to 30 players, ages 8 & up! Wake Up The Class! Every morning, teachers can pull out a card, and voila! – a quick and easy brain tickler to kick-off the day! Each one of 24 “mini quiz” cards engages students directly with Common Core concepts. Nine cards per pack. What’s inside. Don’t Know Beans About… Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 2-7 Title Code Price America - Landmarks DKCAMELAN $9.99 American Revolution DKCAMEREV $9.99 Animals DKCANI $9.99 Black History DKCBLA $9.99 Conservation DKCCON $9.99 Solar System DKCSOL $9.99 U.S. Civil War DKCCIVWAR $9.99 U.S. Constitution DKCUSC $9.99 U.S. Presidents DKCUSP $9.99 Weather DKCWEA $9.99 Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah DKCCHR $9.99 Wake Up The Class Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 2-7 Title Code Price American History! WUCAME $5.99 “Who Is It?” Biography! WUCWHO $5.99 Black History! WUCBLA $5.99 Critical Thinking Skills! WUCCRI $5.99 Good Golly Geography! WUCGEO $5.99 STEM Challenge! WUCSTE $5.99 Two Minute Quick Quiz! WUCTWO $5.99 Exciting Writing! WUCEXC $5.99 The Bible! WUCBIB $5.99 42

Writing/Language Arts Writing Tree Activity Books Each book is designed to help you teach your students how to use thinking skills to plan and compose effective writing pieces. Each lesson book provides you with a Pacing Guide for the week. The students will write as a class and also write independently. Writing Tree Lesson Books Each writing lesson book gives you ten examples of how to use the Write-on/Wipe-off Classroom Tree. The 22” X 34” laminated chart is super for inclass brainstorming to help the students visually organize their thoughts and words. Interest Level: Ages 7-13 Reading Level: Grades 2-6 Series Title Code Price Writing Tree Writers Block Write-on/Wipe-off Classroom Tree WTPPOSSWRI $9.99 ACTIVITY BOOKS Nouns Skillbuilder WTPNOU $5.99 Verbs Skillbuilder WTPVER $5.99 Adjectives & Adverbs WTPADJ $5.99 Punctuation, Editing WTPPUN $5.99 Alliteration, Metaphors WTPALL $5.99 Poetry Skillbuilder WTPPOE $5.99 LESSON BOOKS Creative Writing WTPCRE $9.99 Revision Writing WTPREV $9.99 Essay Writing WTPESS $9.99 Persuasive Writing WTPPER $9.99 Expository Writing WTPEXP $9.99 Narrative Writing WTPNAR $9.99 Creative Narrative WBBCRE $6.99 Historical Narrative WBBHIS $6.99 Informative Report WBBINF $6.99 Mystery Narrative WBBMYS $6.99 Opinion Piece WBBOPI $6.99 Writer’s Block This ground-breaking, hands-on learning tool compels students to exercise decision-making skills and creativity in their writing. With just a few quick turns, reluctant writers have a friendly, hands-on aid to help them get started and enjoy writing. Customer Service 800-536-2438 43