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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

Young Adult Special

Young Adult Special Offers For Your Store Careers Curriculum In Carole Marsh’s Careers Curriculum series, lifelong entrepreneur and educator Carole Marsh takes an entirely new, forward-thinking approach to education: one based on current needs and the future job market. The engaging, fact-based books give kids a modern-day perspective on the opportunities that lie ahead. From detailed profiles on 21st Century jobs to real interview scenarios, this series is an essential tool that every parent, counselor, and student should have! What’s inside. Careers Curriculum Counter Display: 5 each of 3 books ($224 Retail Value) plus FREE COUNTER DISPLAY. Dealer Cost $112 plus $6 freight on display. SP-CARCTR5-3 Careers Curriculum Starter Set: 3 each of 6 books ($224 Retail Value). Dealer Cost $112. SP-CARSTA3-6 For Your Catalog Careers Curriculum Set MSRP: $74.94 Product Code: SP-CCPCAR ForeWord Reviews BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2012 WINNER SILVER Title Paperback Price Library Bound Price Job Tracks CCPCARJOB $14.99 CCHCARJOB $29.99 Essential Skills for the Real World of Work CCPCARESS $14.99 CCHCARESS $29.99 The Parent and Teacher’s Guide CCPCARPAR $14.99 CCHCARPAR $29.99 Business Ethics and Etiquette CCPCARBUS $9.99 CCHCARBUS $29.99 Work Words CCPCARWOR $9.99 CCHCARWOR $29.99 Would You Hire This Person? CCPCARWOU $9.99 CCHCARWOU $29.99 46

Adult Lowcountry A to Z The real lowdown on the Lowcountry! A trio of books on hot topics to tantalize your imagination, match history to the present, and wonder what comes next! Purchase all three of the Lowcountry books today! New Title For 2018 This book shares the serious, silly, spooky, believable, unbelievable, amazing, hard-to-believe, hilarious, haunted, and other aspects, past and very present, machinations of voodoo. More than 400 years of the history, mystery, legend, lore, luscious recipes and more related to the Christmas season as celebrated in the lovely lowcountry of the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and the Outer Banks, the marshes, sea, forts, plantations and more. Historical and contemporary recipes complete this picture of the loving, lonely, spirited beautiful, forlorn, war torn in the low lying lands we love known as the Lowcountry. Includes Irma In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew zipped up the coast to slam-bang the lovely lowcountry. This book shares – in flabbergasting facts – the true history of hurricanes coming ashore in the lowcountry. Title Paperback Price Library Bound Price Lowcountry Christmas A to Z BBPLOWCHR $9.99 BBHLOWCHR $19.99 Lowcountry Hurricanes A to Z BBPLOWHUR $9.99 BBHLOWHUR $19.99 Lowcountry Voodoo A to Z BBPLOWVOO $9.99 BBHLOWVOO $19.99 Learn more at Customer Service 800-536-2438 47