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Gallopade 2018 Reseller Catalog

History/Social Studies

History/Social Studies Primary Sources Help students deepen their understanding of historical events by learning how to analyze primary sources. Each Primary Source Pack includes 20 important primary sources ranging from photos and maps, to paintings and lithographs, to letters and telegrams, to newspaper clippings and diagrams. Packs include a mix of color, black & white, and sepia primary sources printed on sturdy 8.5” x 11” cardstock. • Maps • Photographs • Political cartoons • Paintings • Lithographs • Documents • Letters & Telegrams • Diagrams ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ALL 50 STATES! See Page 22 New 6

History/Social Studies Just what teachers need to help students learn how to analyze primary sources and increase rigor! What’s inside. Primary Sources P: $12.99 33 Titles Code American Symbols – NEW! Ancient Egypt – NEW! Early Explorers – NEW! Environment & Conservation Issues – NEW! Founding Fathers – NEW! Industrial Revolution – NEW! The Roaring Twenties – NEW! Space – NEW! Theodore Roosevelt and Turn-of-the-Century America – NEW! Vietnam War – NEW! The War of 1812 – NEW! World Religions – NEW! African American Heritage American Revolution Ancient Civilizations Civil Rights Movement Civil War PSPAMESYM PSPEGY PSPEXP PSPENV PSPFOU PSPIND PSPROA PSPSPA PSPTHE PSPVIE PSPWAR PSPWOR PSPAFRAME PSPAMEREV PSPANCCIV PSPCIVRIG PSPCIVWAR Interest Level: Ages 8-18 Reading Level: Grades 4-6 33 Titles Code The Cold War Colonial America Great Depression & New Deal The Holocaust Immigration Inventions That Shaped America Native Americans Patriotic Documents Political Parties and Elections The Underground Railroad U.S. Presidents Westward Expansion Women in American History Women’s Suffrage Movement World War I World War II PSPCOLWAR PSPCOLAME PSPGRE PSPHOL PSPIMM PSPINV PSPNAT PSPPAT PSPPOL PSPUND PSPUSP PSPWES PSPWOMHIS PSPWOMSUF PSPWW1 PSPWW2 Free Primary Sources Teacher’s Guide Get ideas, strategies, graphic organizers, and more to “dig deep” into Primary Sources with our Free Online Teacher's Guide for Primary Sources, which includes 12 different Student Worksheets! Customer Service 800-536-2438 7