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Class Rep Handbook 2017-18

Tips for communicating

Tips for communicating with your classmates Ask your lecturer if you can have a few minutes at the beginning or the end of class to explain your role and discuss any course issues with class members. Obtain a contact e-mail address for each member of your class to make it easy for you to reach them. Keep a record of any issues your class has raised and keep them updated on any progress that is being made in dealing with these issues. opportunity to have informal chats about the course. Meet with other Class Reps – this can be a useful way to measure your own success having in your role. they want to hear what students think! 008

learning experience at the College. These meetings will take the form of: Departmental Course Review Meetings – meeting with lecturers and curriculum leader to discuss any issues relating to your course Student Experience Focus Groups from across the faculty, including lecturers, curriculum leaders and Head of Faculty to Before you Start Listed below is a selection of words which describe feelings you might experience in the lead up to these meetings. Circle those most appropriate to how you feel in the days or weeks before taking part in these meetings... Nervous Apprehensive Excited Energetic Prepared Anxious Unprepared Concerned Shy Afraid Calm Able Uneasy Enthusiastic Composed REMEMBER, we are here to help you. You can bring someone (a friend, classmate, vicerep or member of the Students’ Association) with you to the meeting if you wish. Communicate 009

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