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CSL LEADERSHIP. Ability to resolve complex issues and take a long term perspective. MASTER PLANNING Cus, is eatur, que sectis atis milis si optatus estiusdam quae dolorrunt modi sandae. Ut ditiost quate is sin porerum et et aspelic taquias mos simincitiam rerectus digent restibus magnis ipsum, te pro tem quodign itinum dis poreprovid quo vernam reperrum suntis esequo escia volor simillab imagnihil eum endi offici resciis quibus voluptur? Qui doluptiur? Qui dolutem quam faccatiuscit omnitat quisquibea cus adiatio nsentibea consent iateceatis quias Cushing Academy, Dormitory Groton School STEM School House Project “ CSL Consulting’s depth of expertise, relevant knowledge of schools and pragmatic approach was a primary reason our project was an overwhelming success. They were instrumental in providing a top notch customer experience for our MASTER PLANNING students, teachers, parents and neighbors while managing the many moving parts of a complex project that was tucked away in an urban, residential neighborhood. –Name and Title CLERK OF THE WORKS SUSTAINABILITY ” 14 l CSL-CONSULTING.COM 15 Cushing Academy, Watkins Watkins Field House Field House Groton School STEM School House Project FFE MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING

Emerson College, Dorm, 1-3 Boylston Street CSL AUTHENTICITY. It’s the desire to be genuine in everything we say and do. South Shore Hospital, Pratt 6 & Critical Care CLERK OF THE WORKS CSL has the capability to extend our services to support clients in the field with a field manager or clerk of the works position that will focus on the quality and progress of the construction work. Given the up-front capital investment clients make, it may be prudent to ensure complete oversight over the field work as it progresses. In some cases, it may be a position that is required by the local jurisdiction. For this project, we have provided several Clerk scenarios with an eye on keeping costs contained. We understand the importance of protecting the ‘bottom line’ while at the same time finding a good balance with owner’s representation. A differentiator of our field personnel is their ability to communicate clearly and concisely with end users if required by the client. In addition, they are cross-trained in mitigation, and can assist the contractors in being proactive with logistical planning and scheduling of disruptive activities. FFE SUSTAINABILITY MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING CLERK OF THE WORKS Historic New England Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Londonderry Emerson College, Dining Hall Emerson College, 1-3 Boylston Street 16 l CSL-CONSULTING.COM 17

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