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A small introduction about who we are and what we can do for you.

DESIGNS New designs: On

DESIGNS New designs: On the next pages, you can find several new designs that AXA has developed during the last months. We have already tooled a big portion of these designs, so we can send you samples on a short period. Don’t hesitate to ask us more information if you would see a design that you like.

Existing designs: Next to new designs, our factory has a very wide variety of available bodies, lids and handles, etc. Please contact your AXA EU office for more information concerning existing bodies, lids and handles. We can help you in proposing existing shapes and designs for your project. This saves time and money. Good to know: - A wide variety of dimensions and thicknesses are available for each type of body. - Some body types have more thicknesses and sizes than others. - AXA is keen on investing in new bodies, handles, lids, etc. Please inform us about your project and we will try to help in any way possible.

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