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Welcome Welcome Fellow NASL Members and Guests: Dear NASL Members & Guests: Welcome to the 2018 NASL Winter Legislative & Regulatory Conference in Washington, DC! Never has there been a more important time to be an active member of NASL and advocate for your patients. For the first time in years, the therapy cap is in effect. Patients no longer have the protection offered by having an exceptions process in place to blunt the impact of this arbitrary fiscal cap on the rehabilitation services so many of America’s seniors need. While the cap casts a pall over senior care, there is hope. Last fall, Congress arrived at a rare, bipartisan, bicameral solution to the therapy cap. Unfortunately, time ran out before Congress could bring this legislation forward for a vote. Instead of acting on behalf of America’s “Greatest Generation,” Congress allowed the exceptions process to expire. Now we need to make sure that the threat of another government shutdown does not push this issue to the back burner, again. We are proud to have so many of you here for the NASL Winter Legislative & Regulatory Conference. We’re eager to join you in storming Capitol Hill on behalf of your patients. We know that there are many new staffers and new Members of Congress that need to be educated about issues like the cap on Part B therapy or the importance of health information technology in LTPAC. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that Congress is easily distracted. Without your efforts to build relationships with Members of Congress and their staff, without our efforts to refocus Congress on issues important to your patients, we are likely to see this cap compromise patient care. Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting NASL. Your commitment to the success of this organization and the issues we uniquely represent is truly valued. With appreciation, Cynthia K. Morton, MPA Executive Vice President 3 NASL 2018 Winter Conference