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Winter 2017/2018 newsletter


WINTER 2017/2018 Guest Writer Brand Chloe Lowth Steven Ferreira - Office Clerk I started at Allstar a hair under five months ago. It is easy to lose track of time when you transition to such a radically different environment. The fact that it hardly feels like it has been that long is just more proof of that. Funny how time works, yeah? Prior to Allstar I worked in the warehouses of two sister companies in the cosmetics industry, Fisk Industries and RAMM Beauty. I started out as an inventory clerk but by the end I had worked in nearly every department in some capacity. This ranged from receiving and order picking all the way to kitting and the actual mixing of the chemicals used to make the cosmetics. That sort of environment was a bit too hectic for my tastes, but I cannot deny the huge skill set and varied experience it afforded me. I can say with certainty that I am glad to be with Allstar now and I hope to have a long future here. As far as hobbies go I like to keep it simple. A novel and some decent music are more than enough to keep me content. I recently got heavy into seeing live concerts for all my favorite bands. I have already seen Swans, Have A Nice Life, Explosions in the Sky and Do Make Say Think. I am extremely excited to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mount Eerie in March as well. If any of those bands stand out to you let me know, music is sometimes more enjoyable with good company. P.S. uzyybtzsbtzsiufujwhqnuxfsidtzwsfrjtsrdijxpnkdtzbfsyytotnsymjxzujwxjhwjyFqqxyfwhqzg Technology Michael Weller As you know there’s been a lot of emphasis around properly utilizing email communication at Allstar. For this newsletter, I thought we’d continue this with a very simple and easy tip, using the “BCC” email field. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and it’s used to send an email to a secret recipient(s) that the “TO” and “CC” recipients will not see. By hiding recipients’ identity, the BCC can be a very useful field when sending mass emails. If you use BCC to send an email to several users it allows you to keep all your recipients’ email addresses hidden and instead of drafting 10 different emails for ten different groups you can send one with all of the recipients BCCed. Also using BCC when sending emails to a large group ensures that no one will accidentally respond to all since they can only see the senders email a respond to all can only be sent to the sender. So use your BCC wisely. Hi Everyone! We have been working hard on the newest beauty breakthrough, MagicBax Earring Lifters! You haven’t heard of them yet? Well now you have! Whenever we have a new item we do lots of research on how it works and who it will benefit! I can almost guarantee that you or someone you know would benefit from these (myself included)! They are EARRING BACKS, that replace the ones that come with the earrings. They are more substantial than normal earring backs and have a heart design that lifts and positions the earrings right in place! I know it sounds scripted but its true! See for yourself: Before After We have completed the retail packaging for the item and we LOVE the way it came out! The colors pop and are eye catching and the gold foil feels classy and expensive! Now it is on to our SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCER phase… as the TV, Digital, Retail Placement all looks promising to be a great item for Allstar we want to make sure we support it by having a strong social presence and we will use our new approach at influencer marketing to generate lots of content to be used by all. This has an opportunity to go VIRAL! It helps people with bad piercings and stretched earlobes, but it also helps those without those problems; anyone who wears heavy earrings, this makes them more comfortable! For anyone who has studs that droop forward, this lifts them! Our goal is to generate content that will appeal to an array of different age groups as MagicBax truly can be a solution for people who have been searching and those who never knew they needed it! FOLLOW US! @MagicBaxLifters #MagicBax 3

WINTER 2017/2018 Optionality – a “How To” Guide Ed Katz Marketing Jen Lazzari OMG…“Optionality”…what is it?!??? Did I touch it? Is it contagious? Optionality has several definitions, however the definition I “practice” is best summed up by our friends at Urban Dictionary… Optionality (noun) - having more than one good solution to a complex problem. The dynamic nature of the AllStar business requires something different than just a “Plan B”, it requires options. More specifically options that can be executed quickly and effectively. Thus, the need for Optionality. While there is (unfortunately) a cost associated most times with Optionality, at its core it is really a straight-forward method in identifying what can be done to make things happen. No roadblocks or BS, just figuring out the best way(s) to achieve success. A recent example of “Optionality in Action” has to do with the AllStar Customer Surveys and promoter process. As many of you know, AllStar surveys our DR customers and a percentage of those customer that respond to the survey and like the item are known as promoters. We invite promoters to post a review on Amazon. Recently Amazon tweaked their rules and is currently limiting the ability to leave these types of reviews…So what can we do? Well, we could wait until Amazon changes their policy again. We could sit and sulk in a corner, or we can figure something out and finding other options. I am happy to say that the CX team is actively working on an alternative solution that will be rolling out shortly, that I believe will have a similar beneficial impact as to what we were doing previously. I am looking forward to sharing that news with you all shortly. I am a true believer if you are looking to make something happen, it can happen. Eliminating roadblocks is an important step in that process. Another key element is asking a “better” question. I know this can sound simplistic, but asking a better question can be as easy as adding a three-letter word… “How” to your question. Here is an example: “Can I write an article for the newsletter?” only gets you one of three responses, “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” (also known in many circles as “No”). “How can I write an article for the newsletter?” eliminates the “No” option with the focus being changed to figure out how to do it. Food for thought When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this: You haven't. -Robert Schuller As advancements in technology continue to disrupt traditional TV consumption habits, it has become more critical than ever for media to generate the reach and demand necessary to drive meaningful retail sales. While we are focused on preparing for the future by incorporating digital media into our overall strategy, TV media still currently remains the #1 driver of the retail sales that make up the core of our business. Naturally, running as much effective TV media as possible in order to maximize retail sell-through is our greatest priority. Prior to retail, the amount spent on advertising is influenced by how much we can afford to spend, based on the performance of the Direct Response campaign, and our "investment tolerance" (how much advertising money we might be willing to 'lose') which is justified by the theory that the more we can spend, the more we will sell in retail. More recently, with continued testing and some exciting recent new DR test learnings and developments in Marketing, we've been able to achieve that goal rather than having to rely on our investment tolerance. As we saw with Simply Fit and expect to see with MagicBax and Wonder Bible and many others moving forward, generating greater Direct Response margins and conversion rates allows us to set a higher standard and expectations for our campaigns and for ourselves... which we, as a department and team, are more motivated more than ever to achieve and exceed. 4

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