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Springmead Newsletter 17, 2018

Sports News Staying warm

Sports News Staying warm as it gets colder… Please make sure your child’s skin and track pants are at school in their PE kit every day, as the weather continues to be so cold. Skins Sportsbug are no longer able to provide the purple under garments (skins). Please note that it is fine to purchase black under garments. Swimming If you would like to speak to a member of the swimming team, please feel free to call Sarah Cozens at school between 9:00am and 10:00am every Thursday, alternatively you can email her on For pastoral issues related to swimming, please speak to the class teacher as they are around much more during the week.

The Springmead Way focus this week, in class and in assembly, has been ‘Forgive’ It would be helpful if you could recap and extend the child’s learning and understanding over the week! The Class of the Week is the Owls Points are awarded to classes for collective good behaviour. The winning class is rewarded with the cup for a week and an extra five minutes playtime. Points are given to classes who, for example, follow our school rules by walking quietly around the school and to and from Assembly, line up quietly in the playground, and listen carefully to instructions. Stars of the Week this week! The following children received praise certificates in assembly this week. Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Sebastien Giles ~ for great enthusiasm for our wonderful people theme Rose Wilson ~ for joining in with our dragon dance so well Seth Woods ~ for working hard at speaking and listening skills Fleur Bracher ~ for a great understanding of feelings during discussions Poppy Newman ~ for super phonic work and great concentration Henry Bremner ~ for fantastic discussion on Giraffe’s can’t dance’ Phoebe Waterhouse ~ for supper effort with her writing on ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ Annabel Burbidge ~ for working hard in maths at number recognition Dominic Howe ~ for working really hard on his phonics Sophie Thompson ~ for having imaginative ideas for solving problems Miranda Hopkins ~ for being a fantastic shopper and using your counting up skills Leon Marshall ~ for super effort in maths William Burbidge ~ for using common sense in rehearsals Angus Bush ~ for being super helpful and proactive in rehearsals Georgia Doel ~ for always being helpful in and out of the classroom Kira Lily Thorne ~ for a fantastic poem about ‘the best I can be’ Oliver Miller ~ for good focus in maths lessons Travis Morgan ~ for terrifically tuneful singing Libby Rogers ~ for her super attitude to working with Pete the Poet Laurie White ~ for a fantastic effort at being the teacher Isaac Tilley ~ for continuing to work hard at developing a mature approach to work Evie Moore ~ for a super poem about peace and harmony Noah Pullen ~ for fantastic participation when learning about computer modelling Phoebe Kirkwood ~ for super grammar work on conjunctions Taelan Savage ~ for a brilliant French conversation in a cafe

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