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Springmead Newsletter 17, 2018

Little Things Magazine

Little Things Magazine We are delighted to have distributed the latest copy of The Little Things Magazine, via book bags, today. Produced by Phil and Lisa Millard, parents of Penny and Felix, this high quality publication is well worth a read and one we are more than happy to endorse! ‘a new magazine for families who want to live life to the fullest. With a healthy dose of humour, expert advice (which you don’t have to listen to), real-life stories (to assure you we’re all in this together) and reviews, The Little Things Magazine packs every issue with useful tips, information and ideas to help you enjoy – and survive – modern family life. We feel our fresh clean design, high production values and quality editorial, breaks the mould of other local and regional magazines. We are interested in creating a magazine that is loved, valued and trusted by our readers, not just a collection of adverts because family life is not about the things money can buy, it’s about the experience.’ Lisa Millard Charity Week for Mercy in Action This year’s Charity Week is the first week back after half term. Children have been finding out what their class’s project is. Please support the children by completing sponsorship forms, and encouraging them in their personal challenges. Parent Consultations Parent Consultations for this term are now underway. Again a member of the Senior Management Team will be available in the library at each parent consultation evening to answer any questions you may have. Tea and coffee will be served and there will be samples of your child’s work for you to peruse before your appointment. To help the appointments stay on schedule, it would be an enormous help if you could arrive five minutes early. If a longer discussion is needed than the time allows, the teacher will make a follow-up appointment so that consultations do not over-run. If you are unavoidably delayed, we will endeavour to find you another appointment slot at the end of the schedule or on another day. In line with Keeping Children Safe in Education we ask that parents ‘sign in’ in the library and wait there. You will be collected by your child’s class teacher and brought back to the library to ‘sign out’ at the end of the consultation. Thank you Just a note to thank parents for getting children to school promptly for the bell at 8.30 am, even on cold, dark mornings - you are doing a great job! Everyone arriving on time allows lessons to start promptly and purposefully and is exactly what we should be aiming for: again, thank you.

Performance Platform Friday 23 rd February, at the Village Hall After the success of last year’s event, we will again be hosting our Performance Platform. This is an informal opportunity for some of our performers who have individual peripatetic lessons in or out of school to take to the stage. In addition, all pupils in Years 1, 2 and 5 will join these children at the Village Hall to perform class pieces. Our hope is that the occasion will ‘inspire’ the younger children, and their parents, who may be considering embarking on peripatetic lessons over the next few terms. Those children invited to perform will be informed next week. They will be at least at Grade 1 level and have pieces ready now. We would like to invite parents to this event, which will take place at 2.00pm and include afternoon tea. For parents whose children do not yet play an instrument, this is a good time to come and see what our youngsters are achieving through individual music and drama lessons and through lots of practice at home. After the concert, we will be sending out a letter to parents about starting individual music or drama lessons. Please use the reply slip at the end of the Newsletter to order your tickets. Please return to the admin office by February 9 th February, tickets will be issued on the Tuesday after the half term break. Please note that there is no charge but you should bring your tickets. Children will be free to leave with their parents after the event. Children not performing will be at school in the afternoon. Clubs will run as usual.

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