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Springmead Newsletter 17, 2018

Head of Studies goes

Head of Studies goes academic… Inspired by their investigations into the life of prehistoric people, the Eagles tried their hands at making porridge and wild fruit pudding. This gave them the opportunity to link their history skills (recalling, selecting and organising historical information; and looking at the characteristic features of an historical society) with Design and Technology skills (following safe procedures for food safety and hygiene). The Year 6s had to follow a recipe, discuss ingredients and consider how and why there were particular ingredients. It’s hard to imagine that people were eating similar food to us all those thousands of years ago… perhaps we’re not so different after all. Jacqueline Beardsley

Go Explore, out and about Reception Go Explore As we go to print, the Hedgehogs are out exploring… we are looking forward to seeing what they got up to! Nursery Fire Station Trip The Ducklings braced themselves for a fun but educational outing to Trowbridge Fire Station. When asked about their trip the Ducking’s faces lit up. ‘We got to ride in the fire engine and heard the sirens’ said Seb. ‘And we got to hold the hose, that’s where the water comes out’ said Eliza Buzzing from their trip, the Ducklings came back to school and helped the nursery staff build their own Fire Station role-play area. Year 2 Go Explore Hoorah! There was a sunny gap in the damp and soggy weather when the Otters set off to the wildlife area. On the way, everyone made their own texture map taking rubbings of a variety of surfaces. The Otters then got into role to re-enact a scene from the battle of Scutari. This was where Florence Nightingale and several nurses had tended to the wounded in dreadful conditions and before the advent of hospitals, as we know them today. Back to the wildlife area, there was much mud as the two groups burst into action; one group soldiers and the other nurses. The first group happened to be boys who chose to be soldiers and the girls were nurses. Giving everyone an equal opportunity, the roles were swapped to the boys could be nurses and the girls soldiers. It was a great experience for both to find out about the other.

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