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thierrys lookbook

A. B. C. C. D. E. B.

A. B. C. C. D. E. B. 82

J. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. A. Jadeite Glass Cake Plate 8”, ID367/000500 9.5”, ID364/000800 13”, ID361/001000 B. White Glass Cake Plate 8”, ID368/000500 9.5”, ID365/000800 13”, ID362/001000 I. C. Azure Glass Cake Plate 8”, ID366/000500 9.5”, ID363/000800 13”, ID360/001000 D. Vintage 3 Tier White Ceramic with Gold Stand (Also Available with Gold Accents or Silver Handle) ID1261/002500 E. Tinwork Stackable Risers 12”, ID251/000800 14”, ID492/001000 16”, ID803/001200 F. Cake Plateau 7”x7”x6”, ID252/000550 G. Reclaimed Wood & Metal Cake Riser 14”, ID328/002000 18”, ID329/002500 22”, ID330/003000 H.. Wood Aluminum Cake Riser/Plate 10”, ID318/000800 12”, ID492/001000 14”, ID803/001200 J. Galvanized Metal Compotier 14”x16”, ID335/001800 K. Cellar CLR Glass Cake Stand set of 3, 36”x18”x28”, ID003/007500 L. Credo Cake Stands 4”, ID1222/000700 6”, ID1223/000800 I. Petticoat Chic 3 Tier Stand8”, ID1224/001000 ID1228/002000 83