10 months ago

thierrys lookbook

A. B. C. D. E.

A. B. C. D. E. 98

A. Vintage Bon Voyage Wood Suitcase 14.75”x28.25”x7.5”, ID236/002000 B. World Traveler Wall Shelf 7.25”x18.25”x8.25”, ID287/004500 C. Route 66 Suitcases, Set of 3 23”, 21”, 18”, ID089/003500 D. Burlap Valise Set 15”, ID348/001800 17”, ID347/001800 E. Chevron Wood Leather Cases Set of 3 13”, 11”, 9”, ID076/002000 F. Vintage Train Ticket Counter 24.5”x65.25”x47.5”, ID228/022500 G. Fortnighter Burlap Suitcases 17”, ID349/001800 15”, ID350/001800 H. Vintage Wood Trunk ID243/008550 I. Antique Metal Suitcases Liberty & Independence, ID012/002500 Canadian Flag/Maple Leaf, ID013/002500 F. J. Fortnighter Burlap Trunks 14”, ID354/002000 20”, ID353/002000 23”, ID352/003500 27”, ID351/003500 G. H. I. J. 99